Chargers resurrect attacks on Chris Cate

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From Sage Naumann… After the latest poll, Spanos & Co. went back to the drawing board and decided to re-hash a tactic that they proclaimed as “brilliant!” to stop the bleeding of their campaign…and team. If you’re not focused on the tags below, they include things like “satire,” “parody,” and “don’t sue us,” just to clarify.

Sylvia Sullivan’s parting words to the East County chapter of California Republican Assembly

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Sylvia Sullivan (pictured with her husband Royce), longtime president of the California Republican Assembly (CRA) unit in East County, is stepping down from the position. Below are her words to the group from two nights ago. Thanks, Sylvia, for your outstanding efforts throughout the years! –SDR Admin Reflections on a Long Trip! As I thought about this being my last …

How changing your Facebook profile protects you from violent crime

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by Michael A. Schwartz A guy named Ahmad (probably not a Baptist or a Lutheran) set off a bomb, almost killing people in a trendy metro area, while a Somali immigrant stabbed people while yelling “allah akbar” at a mall in middle America, only stopped by shots from the gun of a competitive, civilian, concealed-weapon-permit-holder. The news won’t couch it …

Ellis drops out of city council race

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Ellis’ name will still be on the ballot, of course. But, he’s conceding to Barbara Bry… Note To Supporters I want to thank you for all of your efforts and support on our campaign. It’s been a pleasure getting to know so many people in District 1. From the beginning, I have said that I entered this race to have …