Just more proof that Jerry Brown is just another of the well-off Democratic elite that likes to impose restrictions and costs on the rest of us (Since it will impact them very little)

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Just more proof that the Democrats are evil too. Read the article and you will see that Brown is two-faced, just like so many of the (Financially well off) Democratic elite that try to impose restrictions and higher costs on the poor since it really doesn’t impact them. Such as Al Gore, who preaches one thing and practices something totally different. Because he is well off, Gore can buy “carbon credits” to offset his wasteful ways instead of looking for ways to actually cut his carbon footprint.

If Brown really wanted to practice his beliefs, then he would have long ago gotten rid of any of this “bad” influence. He is just another elite politician that does his best to hide who he really is so he can be elected.

Of course, the Unions (Which I will proudly no longer be a member of after June) and the environmentalists will state that Brown is the “lesser of two evils” and actively campaign for him.

The voters need to wake up and NOT follow the footsteps of the media, unions and other special interest groups. Real solutions will take real leadership and how can you expect that out of Brown when he hides what he really is?


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