Ryan Trabuco, Sharing Some Final Thoughts

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I’m sure it’s no secret that people know I’ve used this handle on SD Rostra, but yesterday I announced my re-registration to “No Party Preference.” I had my reasons, and could care less about the criticism of those reasons. Last week, I e-mailed the good administrators here to let them know that  my contributions to Rostra had been few and far between …

Guns, Lies, and Gunning Liars

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A political “gun fight” of sorts rang out late last week when American Federation of Teachers, Local 1931 threw some funding behind a hit piece on San Diego Community College Trustee candidate, Scott Hasson. North County Times wrote about the attack, which claimed Hasson had advocated open carry for college students. Zero source citing, zero quotes, and zero credibility, I say. …

Former Gov. Pete Wilson Endorses Rocky Chavez

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Former two-term California Governor Pete Wilson has endorsed Rocky Chavez in North County’s 76th Assembly District. Governor Wilson, who served as Mayor of San Diego and as a U.S. Senator during President Ronald Reagan’s tenure, remains deeply connected with the region. Wilson built up a $16 billion budget surplus by the time he left office in 1999.

More Momentum for Rocky Chavez

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Early voting starts this week, and a cadre of eager voters have already done their civic duty for the year. Rocky Chavez continues to steamroll into October with momentum in the 76th Assembly District, earning an impressive list of endorsements along the way — be they newspapers, or local elected officials. U-T San Diego, North County Times, and the Lincoln …