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The campaign of Bernie Rhinerson, big labor-backed candidate for San Diego Community College District, has been placing 4′ x 8′ signs on school property throughout the district — as evidenced by the following photos. Rhinerson works as chief of staff for the embattled San Diego Unified School District, and has long been considered the chief architect of the district’s financial insolvency.

The daytime photos show Rhinerson’s signs at Foster Elementary School in Allied Gardens, and evening photos at the school crossing for Vista Grande Elementary in Tierrasanta.

Candidates have long been known to obstruct public right-of-ways with their campaign signs, and have often mistakenly placed them on public property. Rhinerson, however, being a very vocal and public figure within SDUSD, has absolutely no excuse to have his signs on our taxpayer-funded school campuses.

Keep in mind, SDUSD has been caught a handful of times over the last decade using education dollars on bond campaign activities. Such activity was recently covered by U-T San Diego. Apparently, Rhinerson may have learned a thing or two from those experiences.

Is it too much to ask that our public officials simply follow the letter of the law — especially when they campaign for office?


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  1. I agree it is wrong for the signs to be on school property. I don’t necessarily agree, or more accurately, I wasn’t aware, that Rhinerson is considered the chief architect of the district’s financial insolvency. Is this an accurate statement? If so, it is a very bold one and should certainly be used against him in his campaign.

    Politics aside, Bernie is actually a nice guy and very good at his profession – public relations. He may sway influence with superintendents, other high ranking staff, as well as board members, but I just don’t get how he was the chief architect. Any insight would be appreciated.

  2. I noticed his sign was removed recently at our school.

    I don’t know that Bernie is in a position to be chief architect of financial ruin…spin it – yes, design it – naw…

  3. Contract out “public education.” Go with vouchers and/or tax credits. Give the parents the control. Gut the unions.

    The CA government school model is fatally flawed, and CANNOT be fixed (thanks to the unions). The longer we wait to privatize education, the more damage we do to our kids and our society.

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