Ron Paul’s California Delegates Released

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SD Rostra has the list first…

from Brian Brady

The Ron Paul for President campaign released its list of California delegates today.  Most of the delegates have tea party connections and/or are grassroots liberty activists. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any lobbyists, political consultants, or elected officials on this list.  View the full state list.

The San Diego delegation includes:

49th CD:

  • Mat Huff
  • Brian Brady
  • Mike Quirk

50th CD:

  • Eric Andersen
  • Steve Holcomb
  • Irene Thompson

51st CD:

  • Paul Henson
  • Cyhthia Haney
  • Ian Enright

52nd CD:

  • Monica Gaither
  • Dustin Hennessy
  • Alida Ramganesh

53rd CD:

  • Timothy Evart
  • Justin Trombley
  • Jeffrey Peaco

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  1. Ron Paul..great American, against unreasonable taxation, pro-life, supporter of Constitutional values, hater of ear marks, BUT with all that going for him, you’d think voters would be swarming him with their votes. But look, the man didn’t win ONE election. Must be voter fraud..
    Maybe when the press gets behind him and the Republican powers that be, get their boot off his neck, hell have a chance…Until then, Ron, keep your koolaid flowing to the cultists on your sunken ship..maybe next go-round..

  2. Ron Paul is an American who truly cares – all of delegates should be very proud and carry the torch/lantern forward because the message is so very good!

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