Democrat (Gasp!) Tony Young Endorsed by Lincoln Club of San Diego

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That collective gasp you heard from certain Republicans mid-afternoon on Thursday, April 29 was due to learning that the Lincoln Club of San Diego County had endorsed a Democrat. In this case, it’s Fourth District City Councilmember Tony Young. You can read the formal announcement here.

I’m all about it. While it’s true that you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that’s not a conservative Republican among the Lincoln Club membership (except perhaps a token Libertarian or two), the club isn’t a Republican organization. President & CEO T.J. Zane tells me he has to correct people (especially news media) on this frequently.

Young is an incumbent who doesn’t face much of a serious challenger, but it’s still smart thinking of the Lincoln Club and savvy positioning emphasizing its “pro-business” credentials.


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  1. I admit I don’t know Tony’s positions and voting record that well, so I’d be curious to know what he’s done that warrants the “pro-business” Lincoln Club making this extraordinary endorsement. Has Young truly been THAT supportive of business?

  2. Having worked with Tony Young, I can tell you he is a stand-up guy who takes good care of his district and the people he represents.

    That said, I’m puzzled by the Lincoln Club’s endorsement today. Although Young sits to the right of Donna Frye (literally and figuratively) he is still a labor-supported and union supporting Democrat. He votes the left line accordingly, with few exceptions.

    Thus, unless the Lincoln Club thinks it can attract a lot of new donors with this crossover endorsement, I’m quite troubled at how it plans to spend my money.

  3. As one of the token Libertarians in the Lincoln Club (actually, probably the ONLY one), let me assure you that I don’t ACT as a token. I’ve been pretty vocal on issues, though quite civil, as have the other members who sometimes disagree with me.

    I didn’t attend the vote for Young, and probably would not have supported him with my vote anyway. But I hear him speak to the club. He seems to understand that a decent business environment translates into jobs — and also into more revenue for our beleagured city. The man deserves respect, though perhaps not support.

    As liberal Democrats go, and especially Democrats put in office with labor union support, he’s not bad. After all, it’ll be a cold day in Hades when a Republican is elected in his district — let alone a Libertarian.

  4. I agree with everything Richard has just said. There may in fact be Democrats who merit the Lincoln Club’s endorsement. After all, this is not the CRA.

    Regardless, we expect our interests to somewhat coincide. When those interests diverge, so may the checks.

    As a Lincoln Club member, I would hope that the Club would make the questionnaires, or other materials upon which it based its endorsement decision, available to its members.

    After all, he who pays the piper calls the tune.

  5. First endorsing Gore and now this?

    Still the most amazing part of this thread is the revelation that the members sometimes disagree with Richard Rider.

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