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Dave Maass of San Diego CityBeat contacted SD Rostra to note that in response to his inquiry resulting from Jim Sills’ post of last night, San Diego city council candidate Howard Wayne said he ordered his treasurer to return the $100 contribution from Amerland’s Jules Arthur.

Rostra has verified the information as accurate; Wayne indicated he has directed the return of the funds.

The other question posed by Mr. Sills yesterday was how Wayne could have taken the donation, given the local media attention regarding the legal travails of Arthur.  That question remains open.

Maass additionally posted a comment to Rostra, noting that San Diego City Councilmember Tony Young also accepted $500 from Arthur and another $1,000 from other Amerland employees.

We would invite Wayne or Young to respond here with any information they would like to share.


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  1. Well done, Mr. Larkin !

    These stories are a success for the SD Rostra team.

    And a pretty effective team it is.

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