The Prop D Sham: Questionable Bonuses Being Paid in City Fire Department

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More reasons not to trust a word that is said by the Prop D proponents…

In a strong rebuttal to claims by city leaders that there is no waste left to cut in city budgets, Councilmember DeMaio will release details on over $5 million in dubious bonuses being paid out this year alone inside the Fire Department.  $5 million would restore the four browned out fire stations the Chief has requested be re-activated.  Full details on the flawed bonuses today at an 11:30am press conference….

 Questionable Bonuses Being Paid in City Fire Department

 DeMaio Documents Over $5 Million in Dubious Compensation Being Paid Annually in Midst of Budget Crisis and Brown Outs

What: At the same time that city leaders are threatening additional public safety cuts, Councilmember Carl DeMaio will release documentation and data showing questionable bonuses are being paid to city firefighters in the middle of a budget crisis. 
Who: Councilmember Carl DeMaio

Lani Lutar, President & CEO, San Diego County Taxpayers Association

When: Wednesday, October 13th, 2010


Where: San Diego County Taxpayers Association

110 West C St. Suite 714

San Diego, CA 92101

            Why: “The discovery of these bonuses calls into question whether city officials have looked at all cost saving options before threatening cuts in our public safety services.  Given the city’s financial challenges, these bonuses are simply not justified and should be suspended,” commented Councilmember DeMaio. 



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  1. Today’s Budget committee has the Fire Dept on the agenda. How about a budget amendment transferring 5 million from their compensation to Brownouts

  2. Welcome, Mel Shapiro.

    For those new to San Diego, Mr. Shapiro has been
    a vocal advocate in this town for over 3 decades.
    He is coming from a generally Liberal perspective,
    but thinks for himself and is definitely independent!

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