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San Diego’s 10News is reporting that a campaign to repeal an expected rise in the minimum wage is being organized by the San Diego Small Business Coalition. (I urge you to “like” their Facebook page.)

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer vetoed the measure, but the San Diego City Council is expected to override it. If that happens, Jason Roe, spokesman for the San Diego Small Business Coalition, says he has already begun to fundraise and has “substantial commitments from small businesses.”

Roe says the group is ready to launch a ballot drive to repeal the hike. Some 34,000 signatures must be gathered in a month to get it on the ballot in June 2016.

You know things are tight in the CA-52 race when Scott Peters is trying to get my vote. I’ve been registered GOP since 18 and since I got off of active duty (too much overseas time) I know I voted in every election. Election campaigns usually focus on Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts of their political base, so I know I can’t be showing up on Peters’ rolls. But the other night I get a call to be on a teleconference with Peters and got the email below. These actions may be indicators that Peters’ Democratic base can’t be relied on to carry the election. If he is going for a 100% show-up, registered GOP voter it’s easy to surmise that his campaign is unsure of the independent vote as well. So it looks like he’s reaching out to any voters he can.

Visiting Carl DeMaio’s Campaign

Saturday, March 8, 2014
posted by B-Daddy

Mrs. Daddy and I visited Carl DeMaio’s campaign headquarters today, meeting up with family there.  I got a minute to chat with DeMaio about the campaign. I told him that I appreciated his work on Proposition D and Proposition B.  He related that the effort to reform county pensions in Ventura County had run into problems because of unions trying to block signature gatherers.  A little research on that issue revealed that the Ventura County sheriff had joined the union protestors, which any taxpayer or advocate of free speech should find disturbing.  DeMaio said that “we” had been able to get the intimidation and blocking to stop.  I was not clear as to whom he was referring to, as this was not an interview.

CA-52 Getting Interesting – #ACA Toxicity

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
posted by B-Daddy

To see the impact of the health care law’s implosion on political campaigns, look no further than my own 52nd Congressional district here in San Diego.  Scott Peters, the incumbent,is expected to face a tough re-election campaign against the well-known Carl DeMaio.  (I supported DeMaio for Mayor last year.)  While DeMaio has a Republican primary to get past, his high name recognition and backing of the GOP central committee makes him the likely nominee.  DeMaio has been hammering Peters on the health care issue, even though the election is a year away.  Peters has said he would support a House Republican bill to allow individuals to keep their health care.  That Peters would be support a GOP bill on this issue is evidence of how toxic the issue has become.  Leading Democrats are attacking Fred Upton (R-MI) over his legislation, doubling down on the President’s argument that the public doesn’t understand how bad their policies really are and that this is just another GOP plot to undermine the law.  Scott Peters has been supporting the law until recently.

Thor is very happy with all of us tonight at San Diego Rostra. Our humble political blog won first place in the Best News and Opinion Blog category at the San Diego Press Club Journalism Awards. The Libertarian Lass and Barry Jantz graciously accepted on behalf of everyone in the Rostra blogpen. Visual aid shown here.
San Diego Rostra, Barry Jantz and Gayle Falkenthal

The Libertarian Lass, Gayle Falkenthal; Barry Jantz

The shutdown and the CA52 race

Thursday, October 17, 2013
posted by Elliot Schroeder

The shutdown fight is over. The media is claiming a debacle for the Republicans.  Back here at home, what are the implications for the upcoming Congressional race in the 52nd district (CA52)?

CA52 Democratic Phone Poll Going around

Thursday, October 10, 2013
posted by Elliot Schroeder

I received a phone poll call last night.  As I recall the questions were:

  • Do you support the Democrat or Republican Congressional candidate in CA52  (Generic Party only test)
  • What do think of Scott Peters performance
  • Impact of the shutdown
  • Who is to blame in shutdown
  • What party do you identify with – Democrat, Republican, Independent

Then it said it was paid by the Democratic Party Campaign Committee.

Did Filner and Peters Break Up?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013
posted by Owen Kellogg

Late last night Red State reported on the interesting dynamic between Scott Peters and the Filner scandals. The point is after weeks of silence, Peters responded to criticism by removing almost every reference to Bob Filner from his website.  Yikes! I don’t know if that’s more embarrassing for Peters or Filner but the entire incident certainly reflects poorly on the freshman congressman.

The Red State article is a must read: Democrat scandal brewing in CA52 race

So is the NRCC’s series of press releases yesterday where they point out:

Wow. That didn’t take long.

On Tuesday, Chairman Greg Walden of the NRCC issued a memo to fellow Republican Conference members highlighting the exceptional polling numbers Carl DeMaio shows against incumbent Democrat Scott Peters.

Roll Call has the full story here.

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New Majority Endorses Carl DeMaio

Monday, June 3, 2013
posted by Carl DeMaio

DeMaio is “New Generation Republican” Who Will Bring Needed Fiscal and Economic Reforms to Washington

San Diego, CA – Today the San Diego chapter of the New Majority, one of the largest Republican PAC’s in California, announced its endorsement of Carl DeMaio for the 52nd Congressional District.

“After undergoing our candidate endorsement process, we are pleased to select and support a new generation Republican leader, Carl DeMaio,” said Kelly Burt, Chairman of the New Majority San Diego. “One of New Majority’s top priorities is to maintain the GOP majority in the U.S. House of Representatives to ensure a balance of power in Washington D.C., and winning back this seat in support of a fiscally responsible and reform-oriented candidate is the right choice.”

CA-52 Poll goes International

Tuesday, May 7, 2013
posted by Aynd Rand

I have a number of google alerts for news articles on local officials and candidates.  This piece from a major UK newspaper interested me because it discusses Carl DeMaio and how his possible candidacy touches on larger national issues for 2014.

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You wanna win? Be present

Sunday, April 21, 2013
posted by Tony Manolatos
Dwayne Crenshaw and me

Most people know nothing about local politicians and just about everyone else knows one or two things about them. So if the one thing a politician is known for is charm, he or she is probably winning on Election Day.

I haven’t seen any research that tells me this but it’s a theory that makes sense to me. To find out what I’m talking about, chat up San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria. He packs a lot of charm into a 60-second conversation. Gloria, and successful politicians like him, have a genuine interest in people.

DeMaio v Peters?

Wednesday, March 6, 2013
posted by Aynd Rand

Rostra is best when we’re gossiping about possible campaign matchups.  It looks like this possible local matchup is already getting attention in DC.

Pension Reform Panel

Thursday, February 28, 2013
posted by Carl DeMaio

SDCTA Breakfast Panel: The Future of Pension Reform: What’s Next?

Date: Thursday, March 14, 2013
Time: 7:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Organizer: San Diego County Taxpayers Association

Sponsor: REFORM San Diego

Panelists Include:
Carl DeMaio – Founder and Chairman of Reform San Diego
Hon. Jan Goldsmith – San Diego City Attorney
Tim Davis – Partner at Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP

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Golden State Can Be Reinvigorated

Friday, January 11, 2013
posted by Carl DeMaio

If you are worried about California’s future, there’s no shortage of disturbing statistics to keep you up at night. California’s unemployment rate was 9.8 percent in November – and, with a host of new regulatory mandates added when the New Year began, our state is becoming even more unattractive for businesses.

California’s three largest pension funds have promised $500 billion in retirement benefits that they don’t have the money to pay for. California’s cities have another $135 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, and a couple of municipalities have already filed for bankruptcy.

San Diego – Former Mayoral Candidate Carl DeMaio announced today that he will continue his work as a government watchdog by heading up two reform groups – one focused on the State of California, and one focused on the City of San Diego.

“I’m excited to take on these two new roles that allow me to continue to shine a big light on state and local government and hold both accountable to taxpayers,” DeMaio said.

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For The First Time, Absentee Voters Will Dominate San Diego City Mayoral Election

SAN DIEGO - In the past three San Diego mayoral elections, the majority of votes in the general election were cast on Election Day. However, a new analysis by the National University System Institute for Policy Research (NUSIPR) projects a historic change this year, as mailed ballots will, for the first time, comprise the majority of votes cast in the race. Using data from the Registrar of Voters office and GIS mapping software, NUSIPR evaluated a number of recent voter trends that will have an impact in Tuesday’s contest.

DeMaio’s Sunshine Act Makes San Diego One of “Most Open and Transparent City Governments in the Nation”

In a bipartisan effort the San Diego City Council voted unanimously today to approve Councilmember Carl DeMaio’s “Sunshine Act” ordinance. The legislation authored by DeMaio is designed to impose tough disclosure and transparency reforms on City Hall.

DeMaio praised his Council colleagues for coming together in a bipartisan effort to improve transparency and accountability at City Hall. “I applaud my colleagues for their bipartisan vote to approve the Sunshine Act and make San Diego one of the most open and transparent city governments in the nation. This law sheds a light on City Hall and will allow the public to access information regarding city financial decisions, payments, and transactions,” DeMaio noted.

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Video added at bottom of post

It was surreal… and televised. As we well know, Bob Filner is a Congressman and can do whatever he wants. Alas, the cruel hand of probability did not get the memo. Probability did not give The Entitled One that which he wanted. Unthinkable. Mayoral candidate Filner lost a coin toss.

The coin toss determined the order in which candidates would answer the first question and deliver their closing statements during the UCSD/CW6 debate yesterday. As a result, Filner was to answer the first question, and give first closing remarks. Filner was not having it. Instead of taking the stage for the televised debate, Filner embraced his inner diva and threw a hissy fit backstage. All the while on camera, mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio was at his podium, staring at an empty podium, #Eastwooding.

Duo to Collaborate on Education Reform, School Safety, and After-School Programs

Standing side by side with District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, San Diego Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio unveiled his “Clean and Safe School” Initiative — which dedicates more resources to school safety and after-school programs.  As Mayor, DeMaio pledges to take an active role in education reform and forge partnerships with school boards, principals, teachers and parents to improve student achievement at every school.

DeMaio and Dumanis pledged to work together to implement key elements of the plan — which includes a Clean and Safe Schools Task Force and the creation of an City Education Foundation to fund after-school programs.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012
posted by Carl DeMaio

“Job Creation isn’t a Partisan Issue; it’s a San Diego Issue,” says DeMaio

San Diego Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio announced today the formation of a broad coalition of Independents, Republicans and Democrats who will provide business leadership and guidance on job creation for San Diego.

Quiet since the primary, an overwhelming majority of the founders of the Movement to the Middle have now endorsed DeMaio. Movement to the Middle is a grassroots coalition of business and community leaders who want constructive, pragmatic leaders who want an end to the relentless divisiveness and bitter partisan battles that have caused gridlock in government.

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California Restaurant Association, San Diego Chapter Endorses DeMaio

San Diego Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio garnered the endorsement and enthusiastic support of one of the largest small business organizations in San Diego: the San Diego County Chapter of the California Restaurant Association which represents over 6,500 restaurants in San Diego County and employ more than 100,000 employees in the county.

“As a former business owner, Carl DeMaio knows that streamlining bureaucratic regulations for small business owners will attract employers and increase jobs which in turn will generate more revenue for the City and restore neighborhood services,” said Mike Morton, Jr., President of the San Diego County Chapter of the Restaurant Association. “Our members appreciate his well thought out jobs plan and his leadership in support of small businesses.”

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L to R: John Modlin, SDCAA Board President, Carl DeMaio, Alan Pentico, SDCAA Executive Director

San Diego Politics & Media Mashup

Cross-posted at FlashReport

At a fundraiser for Carl DeMaio on Wednesday I heard the mayoral candidate make some points I hadn’t heard him make before.

Speaking to members of the San Diego County Apartment Association, for whom I am privileged to do some work, Councilman DeMaio said someday he would like to write a book about how he helped turn San Diego around, and the positive affect government reform has had on local neighborhoods. He said he wants to tour the world to discuss his book.

It’s no secret that the last decade has forced all city departments to make cuts in order to balance our city budget.  In many cases the cuts did not impact core services – in fact they highlighted how bloated some city departments had become.

But when it comes to our communities, the impacts of these service cuts can be clearly seen.  We are reminded of our crumbling infrastructure as we drive down our streets, as we pay our rising water bills, and suffer reduced hours at libraries and community centers.

Former Judge and Assemblyman says DeMaio is “Willing to Roll up his Sleeves and Work with Others to Ensure the City is Properly Managed on a Day to Day Basis”

With the fall campaign moving full-steam ahead, San Diego Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio picked up an important, citywide endorsement today from San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith who touted DeMaio’s collaborative and balanced approach to governing.

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