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Andrew Hayes for State Assembly District 75 – The Interview

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The Andrew Hayes Interview

I’ve reached out to all three Republican candidates in my district to interview so constituents can learn more about those who would lord over us.
  • Carl DeMaio said yes, then no. Technically, he said after the primaries, but that’s a no for all intents and purposes.
  • Jack J. Fernandes said yes but hasn’t responded to my follow-ups.
  • Andrew Hayes had no issues being asked tough questions and came on with no conditions. I applaud him for that.

Here’s the interview, and while I’m still raw as an interviewer, I asked questions I believe are key to knowing how we can become competitive again.

EP here: Andrew Hayes, GOP Candidate for State Assembly District 75 | Fired Up! – EP 18

— California Budget and Priorities
— Democrat’s Supermajority and Tax Increases
— Homelessness and Housing in California
— Housing and Density Restrictions
— Lower Taxes and Efficient Government
— Addressing Public Safety and Crime
— Fire Insurance, Infrastructure, and Housing
— Reforming Proposition 47
— Growing the California Republican Party
— Relating to the Working Class, Party Loyalty and Betrayal
— Balancing Party and Constituents

Andrew Hayes


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