The Wrath of Khan

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From Vince Vasquez, Senior Policy Analyst at National University System Institute for Policy Research (and Rostra contributor)…

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Just cranked out a map of ballots counted thus far by the Registrar for CA52, by precinct. Scott Peters cut decisively into Carl DeMaio territory, won battleground precincts. Peters won battleground precincts in South University City, Clairemont, North City, most of Mira Mesa, even won east of the 15. As I saw the results, the first thing that popped into my head was Wrath of Khan, the dialogue between Kirk and Spock after the Enterprise got hit by Khan’s ship:

KIRK: “Damage report.”

SPOCK: “They knew exactly where to hit us.”


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  1. So what could have been their talking points there: Tea Party Extremist or the Sex Scandal allegations?

  2. the elephant in the Room, sadly, as told to me by many long time Republican voters was his sexual orientation. Unfortunate but undeniable when you look at some of the areas Peters carried that are clearly NOT blue in any way shape or form……….

  3. I don’t agree that it was Carl’s “sexual orientation”. I personally like Carl as do many conservative Republicans. A large majority of conservative Republicans I talked with don’t care if he’s gay. What really upset most of them in this race was Carl’s strong gay activism and Pro-Choice stance. In his Mayoral race, Carl mostly kept these ideas to himself. But in the 52nd race, he was very open about his support for ENDA among other things, that Christian conservatives see as a naked threat to their freedom of religion. This sudden gay activism, combined with being Pro-Choice was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Unlike the Mayoral race, in the 52nd race, there was active conservative opposition to Carl’s ideas. If Carl loses, he needs to look no further than his decision to actively push the gay social agenda.

  4. If you stick with the fiscal conservative ideals this was an easy vote for Carl but sadly for many it was a biblical challenge and those individuals chose Scott.

    I hope we can find a way to get our fellow Republicans and “no party preference” conservatives to see that this is about our wallets, not social agendas.

    My family needs more fiscal conservatives in office. I voted for Carl!

    Let them see RED!

  5. I voted for Carl too but as a Christian conservative I was not happy doing so. It was not a Biblical challenge for most people. This idea of separating fiscal conservatism from social conservatism is a losing idea. Did it win anywhere in this election? Tim Scott and Mia Love won on social and fiscal conservatism as did all the new Senate Republicans. Conservatism is conservatism. There was no reason for Carl to go gay activist other than the misguided idea to brand himself as a “New Republican” whatever that is. Carl needs to go back to what he does brilliantly, the fiscal ideas. This is what attracted so many people to him in the first place. If Carl stops the gay social engineering, he will have a bright political future in San Diego.

  6. As I have repeatedly declared for an extensive period of time, true evangelical Christians will not support DeMaio. And look no further than the fact that Brian Brady was going into the Gay and Lesbian Times website to mock Christians by cheering on transvestite Democrat and gay porn promoter Nicole Murray Ramirez for his recent and fake attack against Democrats for attacking DeMaio. The idea that Brady was so involved in promoting homosexual activism inside of the local GOP was repugnant and further evidence of the disturbing hypocrisy inside of the local GOP leadership which sacrificed long term ties to Christian voters for foolish and flawed ties to the homosexual community. There is no doubt that DeMaio’s gay lover does photo promos for the gay pornography industry. Anyone who though that was an enduring quality to Christians is utterly disconnected from any productive future growth for the San Diego County Republican Party and should be excommunicated from the central committee. Keep trying to convince yourself that I am wrong and you will see the same results in future elections.

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