Kick or Punt, Ms. Dumanis.

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Citizens need closure on the recent allegations against Carl DeMaio.  Last week, Todd Bosnich accused the former San Diego City Council Member and U.S. House candidate of sexual harassment.  If true, DeMaio has no business holding public office.

The timing of this claim is suspect.  The accuser’s decision to lodge the complaint in the media, rather than through law enforcement, suggests that he is more interested in influencing an election result rather than seeking justice.  DeMaio categorically denies the accusations.

Bosnich gave an interview to radio show host Mike Slater in June.  The unedited audio file of the interview suggests that Bosnich is not crazy.  He sounded reasonable, measured, and passionate about the Republican Party.  I agree that Slater’s decision to not air the interview was the correct one — Bosnich could not offer supporting evidence to the claims he made.  I wish that Bosnich would have approached law enforcement in June and I wish that he would have approached law enforcement prior to making his grievance public on CNN last week.

Sexual harassment and bribery are serious accusations though.  As a Republican, I don’t want our endorsed candidates harassing their staff members.  As an American, I don’t want any elected official engaged in this type of behavior.  But accusations, as reasonable as the accuser may present himself to be, can’t stand unchecked.  If the claims Bosnich made are unfounded, then an injustice is being inflicted upon DeMaio (and the voters) because a good man’s name is being smeared.

I recognize that this is a delicate issue for the County District Attorney’s Office.  Both Bonnie Dumanis and Carl DeMaio are members of the Republican Party and Dumanis endorsed DeMaio is his 2012 Mayoral bid.  If Dumanis is worried about the appearance of impropriety, she should punt this case to California Attorney General Kamala Harris — I’ll put equal pressure on her to release the results of the investigation.  But a majority of San Diego County voters re-elected Bonnie Dumanis because they believe she has the integrity to make tough calls.  They have confidence that Dumanis can shun politics and serve justice.

Punt to Harris or kick the field goal, Ms. Dumanis.  One of these two men is telling a colossal lie and the ambiguity is impeding a fair federal election.


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  2. Brian,

    Spot On!

    I would add if Bosnich is fabricating or has been planted, then all hell needs to come forward. However, the allegation the SDGOP offered him a job could be squashed easily by the RPSDC…have they done that yet?

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  4. She also cleared Bosnich of the burglary at DeMaio’s campaign headquarters. Does this make DeMaio a liar for accusing Bosnich or does it just mean that “not prosecuted due to insufficient evidence” is not the same as being innocent of the charges?

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