Poll indicates “enthusiasm gap” is favoring DeMaio over Peters

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A survey released today by the Republican Party of San Diego County notes that likely voters in the nationally-watched race between Congressman Scott Peters and GOP challenger Carl DeMaio are more enthusiastic about supporting Republican candidates than they are Democrats.

The 16 percent margin between GOP and Dem favored candidates, often called the “enthusiasm gap,” is significant in a competitive race such as underway in San Diego’s 52nd Congressional District, due to the strong likelihood that voter turnout may very well decide the contest. If voters from one party are more inclined to vote, that party’s candidate has an important advantage in such elections.

The poll, conducted by local Competitive Edge Research & Communication, includes in its analysis that “strong enthusiasm among Democrats to vote for their party’s standard bearers is currently half of what it is among Republicans.”

Local Republican chairman Tony Krvaric seized on the results and significance to DeMaio’s chances of topping Peters. “This shows that not only are Republicans excited to vote in this election and Democrats aren’t, but in general voters are embracing Republican principles of individual liberty and efficient, accountable government,” said Krvaric.


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  1. From what I see, Peters is crushing DeMaio in TV spending.

    That’s going to be hard to overcome. Too bad the Republicans seem to lack financial resources in what should be an eminently winnable race.

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