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A Conservative Latino’s take on politics…

The race to see who represents the conservative voice for the 50th Congressional District is over. Grassroots activist, Carl DeMaio conceded to former representative Darrell Issa. I don’t know who started it, but as we know, this campaign got ugly. Most don’t remember a race between two Republicans this bad in years.

The last time I saw a race this shameful, I was a kid and watched the battle that started modern-day mudslinging politics – Senator Jesse Helms vs. Governor Jim Hunt in NC in the 1980s.

However, I’m not writing about either candidate’s campaigns. I’m referring to conservative fundamentalists and their derogatory tone and comments.


The 50th was nasty, but we’re not naïve, that’s politics. However, the worst comments I heard were whispers from grassroots activists, groups like the North County Conservatives, and individuals not involved in politics. These people and groups always welcome Mr. DeMaio, but as a candidate, they were derogatory toward him in telling people not to vote for him. Most know, but if you’re wondering, it’s Mr. DeMaio’s lifestyle.

I believed we as a party were past this, and while we’ve made inroads, it’s obvious some just give lip service. You may not agree with this lifestyle, but don’t play friends and then vilify him come election time. We all know this isn’t the first time.

It was appalling to me because the grassroots welcomed me aboard and took me under their wing in 2015. Most are fundamentalists; I’m not, however, I’m indebted to them but can no longer look the other way. That includes some who now dislike and despise me – see the “burp and chirp” group North County Conservatives and their disgraceful leadership.


The vitriol I saw in our party’s fundamentalist wing toward Mr. DeMaio made me realize the divide is more of a chasm. For the first time since 2015, conservative fundamentalists disgusted me. The words and tone – shameful.

It’s their right, but to say you accept someone then to use those issues in a disparaging way to denounce them is sickening. Have we forgotten one of Ronald Reagan’s revered beliefs?

  • “The person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is a friend and an ally – not a 20 percent traitor.” ~ Ronald Reagan

The irony? Most of us in the party believe that, and it’s why we won’t judge fundamentalists – we agree on too many issues to have a few divide us. However, they don’t see it the same way. I’m not stating we should’ve voted for Mr. DeMaio, but to frame him from only one perspective and not the issues is disgusting.


“Uniting the Team to Win: We must unite behind the best candidates in the best target seats to win in November – including David Valadao, Young Kim, Darrell Issa, Michele Steele, etc. I have pledged to use the entire grassroots political operation we have built to help those candidates.” ~ part of Carl DeMaio’s concession – the complete version here.

To see Mr. DeMaio come out and urge unity as quickly as he did speaks volumes. Mr. DeMaio has thousands of supporters in the 50th, and he could’ve remained silent. Where I live in Valley Center, as is always the case after a tough primary, anger remains, and some told me they don’t plan on voting for Mr. Issa.

“But William, so what, it’s a Republican stronghold.” Not so fast; despite the statistical makeup of the district, DeMaio’s silence would’ve made Mr. Issa’s job a lot harder – especially with ballot harvesting.

Remember, ballot harvesting brought the Democrat within 3.4 points of overtaking Duncan Hunter in 2018. The reasons don’t matter. What matters is the effectiveness of ballot harvesting for Democrats, especially since it’s a gateway to voter fraud.

Don’t believe me? Just look at the results from election night to today. Articles stating the Republican Party could be competitive this primary season were premature. These three are superb examples showing how ballot harvesting can turn competitive races into routs.

Ballot Harvesting in Action

US Representative 49th District (as of 3/13)

  • Mike Levin (D) = 59.04%
  • Brian Maryott (R) 40.96%
  • 27,365 vote difference

State Assembly 76th District (as of 3/13)

  • Tasha Boerner Horvath (D) 56.82%
  • Melanie Burkholder(R) 43.18%
  • 16,980 vote difference

State Assembly 76th District (as of 3/13)

  • Brian Maienschein (D) 57.25%
  • June Yang Cutter (R) 42.75%
  • 21,019 vote difference – am I the only one who saw this beat down coming?

These three races looked competitive election night. However, after nearly two weeks counting mail-in ballots, combined with ballot harvesting, these contests now look insurmountable heading into the fall. Volunteers can better use their time to help other local candidates. Make an actual difference and help someone running for a council or school board seat.

In 2018, former gubernatorial candidate, Travis Allen purposely waited, then gave a half-hearted endorsement months after the 2018 primary, that hurt John Cox. Unlike him, Mr. DeMaio’s made it more difficult for the Democrat. A Democrat, who the Associated Press reports is now turning “right” to convince the district he’s not liberal.


Thank you, Carl, and for the record, I’m glad you’re sticking around as California’s top conservative activist! Lord knows we need someone like you because we can’t count on state or local leadership to help us “Take Back California!” To Republican Party leadership, it’s time to stop supporting and rewarding individuals and groups that set us back versus moving us forward.

As Republicans, we must now unite and support Darrell Issa in our quest to keep a red district red, and Mr. DeMaio’s come out to help lead that charge.


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  1. “These people and groups always welcome Mr. DeMaio, but as a candidate, they were derogatory toward him in telling people not to vote for him. Most know, but if you’re wondering, it’s Mr. DeMaio’s lifestyle.”

    Bigotry is quite an accusation to make. Just so I am clear, are you accusing the grassroots group “North County Conservatives” and other “unnamed individuals” of bigotry for campaigning for another candidate?

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