Beware the Facebook fight against you!

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It was comical yesterday, watching those on both sides of the political spectrum alleging Facebook was actively taking down their posts for “violating community standards.”

Many Facebook users were at least implying the warning messages they received as proof of Facebook’s bias against their particular philosophy.

Indeed, it does appear thousands of posts were incorrectly tagged by Facebook as inappropriate.

Yet, apparently, a lot of users somehow believe their posts are of such significance and concern to the establishment, that the dreaded Facebook content managers were being directed by Big Brother to read every single one individually, while working overtime to reject boatloads at a time with extreme prejudice.

A fun thought. But not quite the way the world works. Facebook’s first line of defense is automated spam filters, not humans. Even little SD Rostra uses auto filters to guard against what would otherwise be hundreds of daily autobot and inappropriate comments. Yes, those filters do go haywire at times.

Anyone actually believing that a sophisticated social media giant with millions of users and billions of dollars can’t at times have its own glitches, apparently never in life have dealt with a computer problem.

In reality, the more sophisticated, the more the potential for something going wrong.

Yet the conspiracy theorists of all stripes are convinced the strange activity had to be purposeful — after all, the bulk of the posts targeted by Facebook for deletion were about the Coronavirus!

No matter that the virus is nearly the only thing anyone is posting about in recent days — so what else could there be for Facebook to remove? Photos of empty toilet paper shelves in grocery stores or something?

Sorry. Not everything is a conspiracy against both you and everyone else at the same time.


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  1. BTW, nowhere in the above did I write that Facebook hasn’t utilized content bias in the past. Purposely. Read what I wrote, not what you construe I did. Attack me for my words, not what you make up.

  2. This is true. I was accused of spam yesterday in posting my thoughts on “ballot harvesting” and the San Diego Mayoral race. Technically it was. I post articles in various FB groups and was flagged.

    I get angered not because I’m flagged but because I believe the algorithms are comprised in how they’re created against conservatism. I always ask for a review.

    When I woke up this morning, there were about 15 more violations. However, I couldn’t ask for a review. I said I disagreed, and it came up closed. It was the first time that’s happened. Then another odd thing happened. All those posts came back.

    So you’re wrong Barry. They know me. They know my power. They know my strength… Nah… your post makes sense in terms of “incorrectly tagging.”

    BTW, I am a “grunt” and a nobody politically, but I’m jazzed that a few hundred clicks went to the article itself. If I can change one mind, we’re making progress.

    Yes, I would hope most understand it’s an algorithm and not someone watching your profile. Man, can we get some “common sense” in the house? 😉

  3. Barry,

    Thank you for the commentary. Most of the time, things are exactly what they seem to be.

    Apologies to Theodore E. Woodward, but when you see hoof prints on the beach, you may think they were made by a zebra, but it was probably just a horse.

  4. Time to test with relevant and up to date facts:

    COVID-19 update… it’s true, not a single Irish person can be affected by the Corona Virus. With a National average BAC of .35 nothing can live in an Irish blood stream other than and Irish person. With all of the other factions out there susceptible to this killer, rest easy… Humanity is safe, the Irish are still drinking and (occasionally) breeding!

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