Travis Allen: A fraud? A liar? A snake oil salesman? All the above! Part II

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A conservative Latino’s view on politics… Part two of my research into Republican gubernatorial candidate, Assemblyman Travis Allen (R), 72nd Assembly District. You can read the first half here: “Travis Allen: A fraud? A liar? A snake oil salesman? All the above! Part I”. Travis Allen, creating a false narrative, the CAGOP proxy battle The most recent CAGOP convention went …

Travis Allen: A fraud? A liar? A snake oil salesman? All the above! Part I

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A conservative Latino’s view on politics. The battle in the governor’s race, between John Cox and Travis Allen to represent the Republican Party and be one of the top-two in the “jungle primary,” is dividing us. Allen voters embellish Cox’s flaws, while purposely ignoring Allen’s and are creating an irreparable wedge if one of them advances. Allen’s rhetoric is also …

Every Picture Tells a Story

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Heritage Action has dropped Congressman Duncan D. Hunter’s (R-CA 50th District) score . . . again. Not just Heritage Action, but Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works and the American Conservative Union. The American Conservative Union… _____ Heritage Action… _____ Americans for Prosperity… _____ Freedom Works… _____ The Congressman won the primary and general elections by 40 point margins. Why the move from the …

Tipping Point: DeMaio Signs Top Pollster Nienstedt

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As originally posted on Flash Report. Camp Carl DeMaio must be doing a jig. Earlier this week, the councilman signed highly-respected pollster John Nienstedt of Competitive Edge Research & Communication. So far, the polling for the San Diego mayoral race ain’t been what most of us race watchers would consider legit. This move signifies a tipping point in the race …

Breaking, Part II: KOGO Changes Becoming Clearer

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As originally reported and updated on Rostra, big changes are coming to KOGO-AM Radio, San Diego’s foremost news and talk (make that talk with a sprinkling of news) radio station. Several sources including afternoon host LaDona Harvey have confirmed to this KOGO alumna the following lineup, starting on Monday: 9 a.m. – 12 noon: Rush Limbaugh (No change here, KOGO …

The Platform for California’s Future

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This past weekend in Sacramento, an Embassy Suites room full of Republican activists, elected officials, and donors gathered to draft the 2012-2016 Platform for the California Republican Party. Within a few hours, we emerged with a platform titled, “The Platform for California’s Future” which was supported by an overwhelming majority (25-2) of those on the Drafting Committee. Why the 2 …

San Diego Welcomes Newest – and Youngest – Conservative Radio Talk Show Host

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Welcoming Mike Slater to San Diego by way of Jackson, Tenn. in a downpour on his second day seemed a bit of let down – mostly for me. “Welcome to sunny San Diego?” he asked grinning as he put out his hand. I laughed while sitting down my soaked raincoat and umbrella. He was wearing a tie-less button-up blue dress …

Masters of America’s Destiny? You Betcha

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If you thought conservatives did not have swagger, then you were mistaken. Youth representation in the Conservative Movement is clearly needed more than ever. We are lucky enough to embrace small bastions here on the Left Coast and in other blue states. Nevertheless, there is hope–and it lies in the Northeast with this instance. If you have not heard about …

The Conservative Movement needs young blood; join and fend off evil liberal forces!

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As a young female conservative, I can only retort and emphasize how important it is that more young conservatives (whether season or new) come before society and help shape future generations. Whenever I venture to conservative or Republican-sponsored events, I see very few people my age. Adults and the elderly currently occupy the mainstay of the Conservative Movement. What happens …

If you missed The California Review on Rick Amato’s Show 12/7/2009, listen to it here!

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Listen to The California Review live from December 7th, 2009, on the Rick Amato Show guest-hosted by SD Rostra editor, Barry Jantz. This particular segment features yours truly, a Staff Writer for the paper and its editor-in-chief, Alec Weisman. Enjoy, rant, comment, whatever you heart desires!!!