Illegal immigrants entitled to in-state tuition, CA Supreme Court rules

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Taken from SFPA and The California Review on November 18th, 2010: California has a number of big problems: illegal immigration, budget deficits, tuition hikes for already strapped families. All these problems combine into one: in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. The California Supreme Court has affirmed the state program granting in-state tuition to “undocumented students,” all while tuition hikes are imminent …

Leaked Email Exposes Plot to Censor and Defund Koala

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Taken from The California Review, October 27th, 2010: California Review Editorial Board We obtained an internal SAAC email that reveals a plot by Utsav Gupta, Josh Grossman, and Cody Marshall in which they attempt to prevent students from benefitting from legitimate media organizations by registering 89 (and possibly counting) other media organizations to challenge their funding. In addition, Utsav Gupta’s …

The California Review’s Most Exciting Issue Yet!

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Check out one of the most controversial, yet enlightening issues of The California Review, being its January 2010 edition out now! Staff writers including yours truly, editor Alec Weisman, and other contributors alike critique Obama’s first year in review, offering insightful yet equally probing information and words that will astound and resonate with all readers. Now this is how the …

If you missed The California Review on Rick Amato’s Show 12/7/2009, listen to it here!

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Listen to The California Review live from December 7th, 2009, on the Rick Amato Show guest-hosted by SD Rostra editor, Barry Jantz. This particular segment features yours truly, a Staff Writer for the paper and its editor-in-chief, Alec Weisman. Enjoy, rant, comment, whatever you heart desires!!!

Crisis in CA’s Central Valley is Exposed in Latest Cal Rev Issue

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Misty Tienken, contributor to The California Review and volunteer for the San Diego Republican Party, writes about the woes of no water in California’s Central Valley. This telling issue is best grappled in the following article as some California politicians ignore this issue and let the U.S.’s bread basket die before our eyes. On October 9th, 2009 I drove along …