Leaked Email Exposes Plot to Censor and Defund Koala

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Taken from The California Review, October 27th, 2010:

California Review Editorial Board

We obtained an internal SAAC email that reveals a plot by Utsav Gupta, Josh Grossman, and Cody Marshall in which they attempt to prevent students from benefitting from legitimate media organizations by registering 89 (and possibly counting) other media organizations to challenge their funding.

In addition, Utsav Gupta’s one seemingly legitimate newspaper, The Independent, is intended to be a watchdog student newspaper. But how can The Independent be UCSD’s watchdog if its principal and founding members are themselves corrupted, and participating in a conspiracy to take funding from all other media organizations? Let me remind you that the Koala can self fund itself, however the MQ, The Left Coast Post, and the California Review, etc. do not have outside funding but will suffer the most by this conspiratorial defunding.


Date: Wed, Oct 27, 2010 at 1:16 PM
Subject: [ucsdsaac] Potential Koala de-funding plan
To: ucsdsaac@googlegroups.com

Hey all! This is Cody Marshall. Some of us have developed a plan to force
AS’s hand in being more critical of the way that media organizations are
funded on campus. This could potentially provide an anvenue through which
we can get the Koala defunded.

Basically, AS can pick and choose which organizations to fund when there
is a financial justification to do so. Last year, AS over-funded media
organizations somewhat, but did not decide to cut any.

This year, we are going to break their backs! If they want to try and be
neutral, then so be it. We are gonna make them take a second look at the
way they fund media by creating over 100 random media organizations that
will all receive funding! Once they realize that their system is broken,
they will have to pick and choose orgs to fund, with the controversial
Koala surely being among one of the top newspapers to be contested.

check out this funny article from the california review; a conservative
newspaper on campus.

Each media org needs a minnimum of 4 members to be approved! We had four
members up until last night, when Mac Zilber who is on AS dropped out
because of the potential heat he could face from conservatives on campus.
Please let me know if you want to take part in this. You don’t have to
produce ACTUAL MEDIA; just sign up for the org with your P.I.D. It takes
about 20 seconds for each org.

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