Walter Cronkite is rolling over in his grave after SDCTA Breakfast Forum

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Five people who have a lot to do with the news you read, hear and see on a daily basis in San Diego got up early to talk about the role of news media organizations as advocates. What they had to say may surprise you… especially if you’re still living in the era of Walter Cronkite. The San Diego County …

The 10 Most Tweeted San Diego Rostra Posts in 2011

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  Politics & Media Mashup: your weekend news aggregator leads off with “The 10 Most Tweeted San Diego Rostra Posts in 2011” and includes stories and editorials from across the country about the death of redevelopment in California. Also included: pieces on local, state and national politics as well as social media. You can hear Tony Manolatos talk politics and media …

Why No Comments Allowed On Publisher’s Christmas Message?

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  If you missed yesterday’s post about Papa Doug’s front-page Christmas message in The San Diego Union-Tribune by Erica Holloway click here. And then check out this related post that national media critic and aggregator Jim Romenesko just tweeted: » Why no comments allowed on publisher’s Christmas message? | JIMROMENESKO.COM

Papa Publisher Mixes Jesus and Journalism

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Today’s Twittersphere got a tad wound up about the Christmas Day publisher’s note from the San Diego Union-Tribune’s new fearless (and Jesus-loving) leader Doug Manchester. The open letter, “A day to count blessings and share happiness,” began as such: Dear fellow San Diegans, Christmas is ever spiritual because it celebrates the birth of a child more than 2,000 years ago …

Union-Tribune reporters won’t cheer for a new Chargers stadium

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Amid criticism of newspaper’s pro-stadium stance, new owners assure reporters they won’t be stadium advocates Turns out, The San Diego Union-Tribune is not going to serve as a unabashed supporter of a new Chargers stadium. The newspaper’s new ownership, hotelier Papa Doug Manchester and former local radio executive John Lynch, have been sharply criticized almost since the sale was announced last …

The Hogs Photo — Let’s return our discussions to a Higher Level

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A little further down the board is a Headline with the names of local businessman John Lynch, and my name.   Below that is a photo of  3 Giant Hogs.  The post’s author says  this refers to corporate welfare,  something I do not support.   As a professional journalist, that poster must know the implications of  such a Headline and Photo.  It is my hope that discussion …