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The U-T Editorial Board was at the top of their game last weekend when they published this hum-dinger of an editorial that really nails this local Encinitas issue. No doubt the entire County didn’t get to see this North County editorial, and no doubt, other jurisdictions have had to deal with similar issues. So I just thought publishing it here would be beneficial to all. The bottom line is that I’m impressed by the U-T!  It’s a good read…

Vote ends nine years of obstructionism

Demolition of shattered greenhouses and abandoned buildings in Encinitas this week will mark the first physical work in constructing a 44-acre park in a seaside city that has precious little recreational space.

That nine years should elapse from land acquisition to construction preparations is a dreadful tale of confused priorities, misguided politics and the tyranny of NIMBYists.

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  1. I support the park, but this at least the second (and maybe even third) editorial the UT has written on this subject, and each time they use it as an opportunity to bash Houlihan and Barth. That’s fine, but it’s starting to seem a bit like overkill.

    Also, given that the North County Times story on this very decision describes Danny Dalager’s interest in saving the Hall House ( “I did everything I could to save this building because I love it,” he [Dalager] said), I think it’s a little hard to blame preservationists for creating some last minute delaying tactic out of thin air.

    Finally, the UT’s assertion that “money, at least for the first phase of five sports fields, dog park and skate park, was not the issue” remains to be seen.

    This action will merely give the appearance of progress (and just in time for Danny’s reelection bid). Money and access problems are likely to keep the Hall property unused for some time.

    Don’t lace up your cleats just yet. The Hall property saga still has some life left in it.

  2. Post

    …creating some last minute delaying tactic out of thin air. …

    At least you admit it was a “last minute delaying tactic”, but the editorial writer was not fooled and accurately reflected the actions taken and by whom

  3. Misspoke. Shouldn’t be “blame.” Should be “accuse.” because Dalager spoke so emotionally about saving the Hall house, you can’t accuse the preservationists of creating the issue out of thin air.


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