Union-Tribune Wises Up On Rosy Petco Park Study

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Richard Rider told it to us on July 15. The San Diego Reader’s Don Bauder told it to us on July 14 and on July 15.

Belatedly, the San Diego Union-Tribune is telling its readers: The firm that did the favorable study for the economic returns on the Petco stadium/redevelopment project — Conventions, Sports & Leisure International — has a history of issuing optimistic reports for such projects. And those reports have been challenged as methodologically flawed. The U-T story said:

In San Jose, an analysis by the Mercury News showed CSL’s study didn’t take into account costs of at least $42 million for the city to buy up the land for the A’s ballpark.

“You can’t really say that a ballpark is privately financed because those leases have a tendency to provide a sweetheart deal to the owner,’’ Paul Staudohar, baseball expert and professor emeritus of business administration at California State University-East Bay, told the Mercury News last September.

The U-T story is from its new Watchdog group, which aims to provide an independent and skeptical eye on government to “uphold the public trust.”

This is progress for the Union-Tribune. Now I’d like to see the newspaper start reporting such information first. Although the U-T has laid off lots of people, it still has far more resources than one-man operations like Don Bauder and Richard Rider. Imagine what a team of dedicated, hard-working reporters could do..


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  1. This, and also questioning the school district parcel study. It seems the U-T is finally getting some juevos, and not just going with the flow. If this keeps up, I may even renew my subscription. 🙂

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