Finally something that New York does right, that Sacramento should follow!

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How creative! For New York lawmakers, no budget means no pay. Sacramento faces the same issues, but our elected officials in Sacramento continue to get paid when there is no budget. Let us NOT forget that it’s these people that got us in this mess, and are always coming up with no real solution to it (They tend to like the smoke and mirror approach). So let’s follow New York’s lead and stop paying them.

Some will say that it wouldn’t be fair and that, like in the article, some of the lawmakers would have financial difficulties and some could probably lose their homes. Sounds like what many in this state are going thru because of Sacramento’s inability to solve the budget crisis.

So, let’s get this make into law and if our current group of Sacramento politicians can’t live with it, well,  they always have the option of not running for reelection.

Oh, btw, my suggestion for a “real” solution to the constant budget crisis can be found here:


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  1. I completely agree that Sacramento needs to make sacrifices. Per the article… California legislators do not get paid.

    What’s more, I hear their staff members also get no pay until its passed.

    While this is great, we need more reform in our Capitol.

  2. Actually. California legislators do not receive pay. As is mentioned in the 20th paragraph of your article.

    Not that the liberal d’s up north need and defense from me.

    Interestingly, CA takes it further. Staff doesn’t receive pay either.

  3. I am be wrong here so please correct me if this is the case…I think the difference between Poway Roger is suggesting and the two responses that follow is that the Sacramento legislators receive back pay after the budget is passed. In NY they receive no payment, either during the budget impasse or back pay after a budget is approved.

  4. Yes, that is correct…CA legislators and staff receive back pay once the budget is passed.

  5. D7 voter-Yes, I wasn’t clear. What you said is what I meant. No pay, peroid for our dear elected officials. Knowing that they will get paid, defeats the purpose. Of course their staff should receieve back pay.

  6. Maybe you didn’t read the article? They refer to NY legislators receiving back pay when the budget is passed. “…but also to receive retroactive pay for the months they stopped drawing a salary” and this quote “if others have to wait to get their money, then so should the legislators”

    I don’t support the lack of motivation in Sacramento.

    However, lawmakers and staff are no doubt spending taxpayer time to figure out how to make their monthly obligations. We need real reform. As evidenced by California this game doesn’t work.

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