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Interesting to note that today’s UT “Watchdog Report” on Assemblyman Joel Anderson doesn’t note that as Elections Chairman for the Assembly GOP, he is responsible for getting money to central committees around the state where it is needed for competitive legislative contests.  Also, no mention of how many similar financial transactions take place with others’ campaign coffers.  Nary a mention that the transactions were a virtual wash, with Anderson donating more money than he was getting.

Or, could it be that even if legal, someone is too fast and loose with the funds?  And, could it be the county central committees, not Anderson?

So, is the story based in reality, or is campaign finance too complex for the media to understand?  Legitimate concerns or media fodder?

You tell us.


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  1. I know it has been a passion with Joel to fund winnable seats with money from safe seats. No one can show that Anderson’s coffers benefited directly as he did give more than he took in. Just playing good politics to get the right people elected, the only strategy if we want to win back out state.

  2. Barry, can you clarify what you mean by “with Anderson donating more money than he was getting”? Are you referring to donations not mentioned in the story? –Dave

  3. Oh. Gotcha. Thought this was your blog, and you tweeted it.

    So, we can’t know who’s defending Anderson here?

  4. In the spirit of give and take—and at Barry’s suggestion—here’s my response to the U-T’s story and your post:

    Now it’s open season on me. Let me have it! –Dave

  5. Post

    I’m the site admin and admittedly know little about campaign finance. My job is to throw on the blog an occasional Can’t Be Ignored story and raise some discussion. Wasn’t my intent to defend or criticize but to ask some questions that could be what people are thinking in the political world, to prompt some discussion. So, that’s why the question about loose and fast with the money and the one about if this is media overkill. All sides questioned. What follows from the questions is fair debate whether its defending Anderson or criticizing him. Thanks.

  6. Post

    That’s fair and in the spirit. No open season on you from me. Others maybe!

  7. It seems “playing good politics” (responding to Mr. Myers) is the equivalent of money laundering in the present case…and it certainly doesn’t look as if they washed the money very well. It appears at first glance to be a loophole big enough to drive a proverbial Hummer through, so Joel (and I presume others) are taking full advantage of the campaign finance freeway.

    I must say, as an East County Conservative Republican, I’m a little disappointed. I hope there’s more to the story.

  8. hummm, sounds like Jeff Stone’s campaign work on this one.

    Joel raises money all over the State. We will find that:
    no laws were broken,
    Joel did nothing wrong
    common cause and the other “money in politics is bad” folks will opine that Joel is somehow crooked (but they never opine on the union money)
    and Jeff Stone will use the UT article in a mail piece.

    This is a casebook example of how journalism is slanted and how nothing wrong or afoul of the law can be made (spun) to look like a person is breaking the law. Yellow journalism at its finest.

  9. Hmmm – It appears the Vice Chairman, Mr. McSweeney contradicts himself. First he places blame on Mr. Stone for this expose in the Union Tribune (which was executed so well) in their effort to air the linens of candidates so the voters might get an unobstructed view of whom they are voting for…sort of like that little issue you spearheaded in passing that message to Candidate Eric Bidwell during the ’08 Mayor’s Race…It certainly let people get an inside look at the integrity of out political leadship…Mike.
    The truth raises it’e ugly head again.

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