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What Powerball Can Teach Liberals About Profits

Friday, January 8, 2016
posted by Steve Rider

Last week I sat through the billion dollar blockbuster hit, Jurassic World. While not a complete waste of my time (“he’s just being over-dramatic!”), the film had all the annoying attributes found in a big budget Hollywood movie. Most irritating was the not so subtle message that corporate profits were the root of evil. Watching a film that demonizes profits, despite being specifically produced with the goal of seeking record high box-office profits, requires an especially strong tolerance for hypocrisy.


Jerry Brown Opens Door on New Taxes

Friday, June 19, 2015
posted by Elliot Schroeder

Sometimes I hate being right. Last year, I warned that Brown’s second term would include a tax increase. The GOP candidates didn’t try to get him to pledge again on taxes. He said as much in a press conference. They should of pounded him over and over to at least get another pledge even as their victory was in doubt. This would have been a win for the taxpayers. Now it’s not happening


You know things are tight in the CA-52 race when Scott Peters is trying to get my vote. I’ve been registered GOP since 18 and since I got off of active duty (too much overseas time) I know I voted in every election. Election campaigns usually focus on Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts of their political base, so I know I can’t be showing up on Peters’ rolls. But the other night I get a call to be on a teleconference with Peters and got the email below. These actions may be indicators that Peters’ Democratic base can’t be relied on to carry the election. If he is going for a 100% show-up, registered GOP voter it’s easy to surmise that his campaign is unsure of the independent vote as well. So it looks like he’s reaching out to any voters he can.


Sacramento’s Desert War

Tuesday, February 11, 2014
posted by Elliot Schroeder

Drive the 15 from San Diego to Las Vegas – you pass a bunch of desert towns but a lot more sand. Once you cross the Nevada border the scenery doesn’t change but you entered a state where California businesses are going to. They are going to Arizona and Texas too. We have our deserts but why are these hot states getting our business?

We can reverse this by decentralizing.

Thor is very happy with all of us tonight at San Diego Rostra. Our humble political blog won first place in the Best News and Opinion Blog category at the San Diego Press Club Journalism Awards. The Libertarian Lass and Barry Jantz graciously accepted on behalf of everyone in the Rostra blogpen. Visual aid shown here.
San Diego Rostra, Barry Jantz and Gayle Falkenthal

The Libertarian Lass, Gayle Falkenthal; Barry Jantz


Understanding Employers and Why Republicans Matter

Thursday, July 4, 2013
posted by Diane Harkey

This op-ed originally appeared in Steve Frank’s California Political News & Views

Common sense dictates that people as well as employers will act in their own best interest.  This is the premise underlying market economies and why they provide more goods, services and improve the lives of all of us, much more so than a command or government manipulated market can.  One of the risks associated with beginning or expanding a business (that is unsupported by government largesse) is in fact, government.  That is, existing regulations and tax structure as well as anticipated or future regulatory and tax structure.  If you are going to invest large amounts of money or throw the dice, you want to be fairly certain of the rules of the game. If the rules change after the dice land, you lose.

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One quarter of those surveyed considering moving out of state A quarter of the residents in California’s most affluent communities are considering relocating out of state in response to the increase in state income taxes, according to a report released today by the National University System Institute for Policy Research (NUSIPR).  A scientific poll (n=401) conducted by Competitive Edge Research for the National University System Institute for Policy Research from March 4-6, 2013 shows that 13% of the state’s residents are somewhat considering a move, 12% are very seriously considering vacating the state, and 1% are already moving out to minimize their personal income tax burden.


Here’s today’s unsettling thought for California taxpayers — a factoid not being discussed. Props 30 and 38 can BOTH pass and, if the stars align right, raise our taxes TOGETHER.

As we all know, these are two competing massive state tax increases on the November ballot. When we have two conflicting measures that pass, the one with the most votes takes effect.

But as I understand it, the winner takes effect only on the CONFLICTING provisions — in this case, the increase in the state INCOME tax. If the “losing” prop includes OTHER provisions, then they still take effect.


Top Twenty Worst Bills Worthy of the Governor’s Veto

Tuesday, September 18, 2012
posted by Diane Harkey

This op-ed, co-authored with Senator Bob Dutton, originally appeared in the Flashreport

As of today, the Governor has yet to act on any of these bills. When he is done, we will grade Governor Brown on his performance. The Governor’s “letter grade” will be computed using the following scale… If he vetoes 90% or more, the Governor got an “A”, 80% – 89% a “B”, 70 – 79% a “A”, 60 – 69% a “D” and below that, an “F”…

For convenience, we have broken down the bad bills into seven different categories… Next to the bill number and author, in bright red, will appear the action taken by the Governor on each bill (none as of today).

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Recent revelations about high-interest, long term financing of a school bond measure by the Poway Unified School District cannot have escaped the attention of a single school official in San Diego, the state of California, or nationwide for that matter. Citizens are outraged and sounding off. Watchdog groups are calling for reforms that would prevent this type of financing scheme on future bond measures.

But it appears San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Bill Kowba isn’t too concerned about that pesky fine print. On Tuesday, KGTV 10 News investigative reporter Mitch Blacher interviewed Kowba about the District’s $2.8 billion Proposition Z school bond measure, which will be on the November ballot.


Would you ever compromise on taxes? Ask Sherry Hodges

Monday, August 13, 2012
posted by South Bay Sunnycrest

“There may be a time…”

That’s the answer Sherry Hodges provided on KOCT last week during a roundtable discussion between the run-off candidates in the 76th Assembly District.

Video Link: Journalist Roundtable 76th District Candidates

The question and Hodges’s response begins at the 43:00 mark in the video link above.

Hodges’s opponent, Rocky Chavez, plainly says “no new taxes” when asked the same question. Hodges is endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.


Smart governing decisions saving taxpayer dollars and collaborative initiatives took top honors, while cavalier attitudes and lost opportunities were called out and shamed at the San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTA)’s 17th annual Goldens Awards Dinner, held at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in Mission Valley.

Remote controls were nowhere in sight as the evening’s theme “Taxpayer TV: We Can’t Make This $#!% Up!” entertained the appreciative audience who shared the details of the exclusive video parodies highlighting the program via social media. As in past programs, elected officials, members of the news media and other public figures willingly humiliated themselves in a good-natured send-up of the year in government news and achievements in San Diego.

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Just in time could be my life’s mantra. I am reminded by Thor’s Assistant that no Official Drinking Game has been devised for tonight’s epic 17th annual San Diego County Taxpayers Golden Fleece and Watchdog Awards.

Calling Ms. Tipit to the rescue.

DISCLAIMER: In this litigious, risk-averse society, we must pause here to admonish anyone reading this column that it is strictly for entertainment purposes ONLY. Please drink responsibly if at all. Please do not be a dunderhead and drink and tweet/post/drive, or you will be the next person we write about on Rostra and it won’t be pretty.


As it does every election, the San Diego County Taxpayers Association has analyzed local propositions and selected state ballot measures with an economic impact on taxpayers, and issued its recommendations based on its mission statement, which is “promoting accountable, cost-effective and efficient government and opposing unnecessary taxes and fees.”

SDCTA’s voting recommendations are:


Proposition A – City of San Diego Fair & Open Competition Ordinance. Amends Municipal Code: YES

Proposition B – City of San Diego Comprehensive Pension Reform Initiative. Amends City Charter: YES

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Five people who have a lot to do with the news you read, hear and see on a daily basis in San Diego got up early to talk about the role of news media organizations as advocates. What they had to say may surprise you… especially if you’re still living in the era of Walter Cronkite.

The San Diego County Taxpayers Association hosted the panel in the first of its Breakfast Club Forums for 2012. Participants included Mike McKinnon, station manager of KUSI TV; J.W. August, managing editor for KGTV; Scott Lewis, CEO of Voice of San Diego; Jeff Light, editor in chief, U-T San Diego; and Deanna Mackey, station manager, KPBS FM/TV. The assignment moderating this forum was mine.

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Today I did segment on the national Fox Business News network. We dealt with the new California budget, and the planned tax increases. I think it went well.

Governor Brown likely would not concur with this assertion — he took a bit of a beating in the interview.  Well deserved, of course.

It airs TONIGHT after 6 PM Pacific time. I’d bet 20 minutes into the show. Sadly, many cannot watch because they (like me) don’t pay to receive this premium channel.


North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation at 3.5%. Ten counties in ND have less than 2% unemployment. They have an oil and gas extraction boom going on, though their low unemployment rate predates that growth in oil and gas jobs.

Critics like to claim that ND is having a temporary boom that will shortly be followed by a bust. But while ND certainly is benefiting from an oil and gas boom, the depletion rate is slow, and the expansion of wells is dramatic — they’ve barely started their boom. This boom ain’t busting for many, many years to come. The petroleum extraction in ND is essentially now illegal in anti-business, “pro-environment” CA.

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Here’s a link to an excellent summary of the main CA 2012 state tax increase initiatives currently in play, backed by money, but far from ballot qualified. Tip of the hat to the “Fox and Hounds” website, run by x-HJTA Grand Poobah Joel Fox.

The piece is written by Joe Mathews, a frequent opponent of mine on issues. But, like the old seldom accurate stopped clock, fortunately he was right this time.

I’ve made some germane comments with some links below the article.

Oddly enough I view all these tax increase propositions as good news!  Is that possible? Well, sorta.

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Governor Brown’s proposal to raise our taxes without any spending controls

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
posted by Poway Roger

Regarding Governor’s Brown proposal for a ballot measure to bring in more revenue by increasing taxes, Steve Greenhut’s take is worth reading.

Arguments about whether this is truly needed aside, I don’t see any safeguards in the measure that would control spending. First, as we know, salaries are the biggest drain on the budget. How will this measure control the amount of benefits and raises offered to employees? (Yes, I am a government worker, and I do prefer raises, but I tend to look at the bigger picture.)  My biggest complaint is the lack of restrictions on the pay of bureaucrats. For example, look at the salaries given to the leadership of our public universities. That keeps going higher and higher when fees are raised for students. Shouldn’t we control public employee compensation with safeguards first?

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In Poland it’s called “election sausage” In the Czech Republic, it’s known as “goulash.” It’s called “sweetener” in the UK. In the USA, we call it pork.

But everywhere including on San Diego Rostra it means government waste and it’s a turkey for taxpayers no matter how you slice it. We serve up plenty of pork around here. Now the San Diego County Taxpayers Association calls on Rostrafarians to submit your finest examples of pork as nominations for the 17th Annual Golden Watchdog and Golden Fleece Awards Dinner on May 16, 2012.  This annual event recognizes the very best and worst of local government efficiency, spending and decision-making each year. No poliwonk worth his or her credentials would dare miss it.

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To avoid making the painful cuts in CA state spending that are so badly needed, the Democrat budget passers and the Governor blithely assumed big-time revenue increases this fiscal year. To no one’s surprise, it’s not working out as projected.

Read more:

CAPITOL ALERT: The latest on California politics and government
Posted by Kevin Yamamura
August 9, 2011 1:01 PM

California revenues miss mark by 10 percent in July

For the second straight month since Gov. Jerry Brown signed the state budget, California has fallen behind in revenue projections, this time 10.3 percent for the month of July.


GOOD news! CA Senate President Darrell Steinberg recently announced he is tabling, until next year, his efforts to push SB x1 23 (formerly SB 653), an insane bill to expand the types of taxes CA cities, counties and local school districts can levy – including local income taxes.

Sadly, the proposal isn’t completely dead.​m/california-politics/2011/07/​local-tax-measure-shelved.html

Part of me hopes this certified legislative idiot and his cabal bring it back for the ballot in 2012. I’m confident we can kill it big-time.

Such a nutty idea (doubtless backed by the usual suspects) would further damage the credibility of the Democratic Party.


UPDATE, 1:50 pm July 11: Here’s a revealing Tweet from Murtaza Baxamusa, a board member of the Middle Class Taxpayers Association:

Americans Support Higher Taxes, Tax Group Director Says

Americans Support Higher Taxes, Tax Group Director Baxamusa Says

Why is a supposed protector of middle class taxpayers advertising a Daily Kos story that claims Americans want higher taxes?

Answer: Because according to Baxamusa, it’s a “fact” that Americans are undertaxed!

Amercians Are Undertaxed, Tax Group Director Baxamusa Says

Amercians Are Undertaxed, Tax Group Director Baxamusa Says

How about a truth-in-advertising name change to Americans For Higher Taxes?



Rostra columnist Jim Sills posted a question on my recent post “Calling San Diego Taxpayers: Oppose the “Jobs Tax” asking San Diegans to oppose a proposal by the San Diego City Council to double linkage fees.

Sills had the courage (and the smarts) to ask an obvious question. What the heck is a “linkage fee”?

I called on Chris Cate, Vice President of the San Diego County Taxpayers Association to get a little schooling on this for Rostra readers. Cate was happy to oblige.

Hey, pipe down there, you in the back. Pay attention – this WILL be on the test!


The San Diego County Taxpayers calls upon San Diegans to voice their opposition to a proposal by the San Diego City Council to double the so called “linkage fee” charged to construction projects in the City of San Diego. This fee is yet another short-sighted job killer and SDCTA is strongly opposed to this increase.

The Council will also consider setting this fee on “auto-increase” going forward, a sneaky little maneuver which no longer requires a vote of your elected officials to increase this job-killing tax. This action may be taken despite a historic recession and without regard for the concerns voiced by business leaders that this would further hurt jobs creation and economic recovery in San Diego.


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