No on Measure A Campaign Launched – Stop the Blank Check Tax Hike

Carl DeMaio Undesignated 0 Comments

San Diego politicians have cooked up a deceptive measure to raise taxes and provide zero guarantee on where the money will be spent. Join the campaign to defeat Measure A! Visit: Veteran political activists will recognize that this website and the logo bear striking resemblance to the No on Prop D campaign in 2010 that defeated that tax hike …

Democratic Voters Are Cowards (and Far From Democratic)

Brian Brady Undesignated 1 Comment

Hillary Clinton rigged the election to defeat a septuagenarian socialist (and STILL almost lost). Read the source documents (emails) proving her complicity. Please chant, “This. Is. What. De-mo-cra-cy. Looks. Like.” as you denounce Hillary Clinton. You won’t. You will say, “But Trump” Cowards.

In CA local government hiring, nepotism is widespread. “Public servants” — our state’s TRUE aristocracy.

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Undesignated 9 Comments

Below is an article and TV news segment revealing widespread nepotism in the huge water department of city of San Diego. I’ve got a sound bite in the video. But this rigged hiring process is not an isolated instance. Not hardly! In California, local government nepotism is widespread. It’s most predominant in the few highly-prized firefighter openings. LA and Oakland …