PETITION – Get Republican-Controlled Counties in California to Audit the Voter Rolls

Carl DeMaio Undesignated 2 Comments

Here’s a legal way to audit the voter list in California to determine if fraud is really occurring. Best part about the proposal is California Democrats can’t stop this audit. Spread the word – give the grassroots and handful of GOP local elected officials in California something to fight for. SIGN THE PETITION – Demand an Independent Audit of the …

Legitimate President Trump? The Ever Changing Narrative

Bob Siegel Bob Siegel, Undesignated 0 Comments

The inauguration finally happened. And with it, Americans are talking a lot about the future of America’s democracy. Actually, America was created as a republic but we do have elements of democracy baked in. Speaking of democracy….. Blocking the streets or trying to block events is NOT “democracy at work” as some of our so-called news outlets would have you …

Is the Republican Party Dead in California?

Carl DeMaio Undesignated 1 Comment

While Donald Trump and congressional Republicans were celebrating wins across the country, in California the Republican Party got slaughtered – big time! So it begs the question: Is the CA GOP dead? What should we replace it with? Or how do we fix it? Vote in this poll – and read a 4 point prescription for moving forward.