CBS8 impeachment Analysis

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Two political analysts, John Dadian & Laura Fink, breaking down what you may have missed and what’s ahead in the Impeachment Hearings. With Anchors Stella Escobedo and Eric Kahnert.

DeMaio Releases “FreedomCare” Plan to Replace ObamaCare

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FreedomCare Plan Gives Republicans a Real Alternative to “Medicare for All” that Embraces Individual Control, Regulatory Relief, and Innovation to Reduce the Cost and Improve the Quality of Health Care With healthcare reform consistently ranking near the top of voters’ concerns, and with Democrats running on the “Medicare for All” plan for a wholesale government takeover of health care, Carl …

Another Step in Making San Diego Water Independent

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Ramona Sentinel – November 7, 2019   Since the days of the Kumeyaay, survival in San Diego has depended on the availability of water.  While blessed to live in the one of the most beautiful places in the world, the fact remains we must rely upon outside sources to meet our water needs.  The level of this dependency, however, is …

The San Diego Union Tribune: “GOP aims to ‘harvest’ ballots as well in 2020”

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From The San Diego Union Tribune – Democrats last year took advantage of a new California law that greatly expanded the universe of who can pick up mail ballots from voters and deliver them to election officials. Republicans did not and they paid for it. GOP leaders raised suspicions about so-called “ballot harvesting,” even suggesting with no evidence that it …