San Diego County Taxpayers Association issues June Ballot Recommendations

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As it does every election, the San Diego County Taxpayers Association has analyzed local propositions and selected state ballot measures with an economic impact on taxpayers, and issued its recommendations based on its mission statement, which is “promoting accountable, cost-effective and efficient government and opposing unnecessary taxes and fees.”

SDCTA’s voting recommendations are:


Proposition A – City of San Diego Fair & Open Competition Ordinance. Amends Municipal Code: YES

Proposition B – City of San Diego Comprehensive Pension Reform Initiative. Amends City Charter: YES

Proposition C – City of Chula Vista Charter Amendment. Limit Authority, Compensation and Establish Term Limits for Elected City Attorney. Establish Office of Legislative Counsel: NO

Proposition D – City of El Cajon Charter Adoption. Change from General Law to Charter City: YES

Proposition F – City of Oceanside Charter Amendment. Numbered Council Seats: YES

Proposition G – Mt. Empire Unified School District $30.8 million School Bond Measure: YES

Proposition H – Alpine Union School District $12 million School Bond Measure: NO


Proposition 28 – Limits on Legislator’s Terms in Office. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.: YES

Proposition 29 – Imposes Additional Tax on Cigarettes for Cancer Research. Initiative Statute.: NO

SDCTA does not endorse individual candidates for public office.

SDCTA offers a print friendly voters guide on its website that you can print and use as a reference when you vote.

A detailed analysis of each proposition is available at SDCTA’s website. A supermajority (60%) vote of the SDCTA Board of Directors is required for a position to be taken on any ballot measure.

DISCLOSURE: SDCTA is a client of my public relations consulting firm, Falcon Valley Group.


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