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Today I did segment on the national Fox Business News network. We dealt with the new California budget, and the planned tax increases. I think it went well.

Governor Brown likely would not concur with this assertion — he took a bit of a beating in the interview.  Well deserved, of course.

It airs TONIGHT after 6 PM Pacific time. I’d bet 20 minutes into the show. Sadly, many cannot watch because they (like me) don’t pay to receive this premium channel.

My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Gary Gonsalves for arranging this gig for me. He is a semi-regular on the network, but he couldn’t make it to this segment. I got to be his backup on short notice, and I was delighted with my role.

As locals likely know, Dr. Gonsalves is a key official in Stop Taxing Us, a large San Diego north county taxpayer/Tea Party group that has been astonishingly active and effective in the area. Consider visiting their website, and joining. Also available on Facebook.


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