Top five CA 2012 state tax increase props — egad!!

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Undesignated Leave a Comment


Here’s a link to an excellent summary of the main CA 2012 state tax increase initiatives currently in play, backed by money, but far from ballot qualified. Tip of the hat to the “Fox and Hounds” website, run by x-HJTA Grand Poobah Joel Fox.

The piece is written by Joe Mathews, a frequent opponent of mine on issues. But, like the old seldom accurate stopped clock, fortunately he was right this time.

I’ve made some germane comments with some links below the article.

Oddly enough I view all these tax increase propositions as good news!  Is that possible? Well, sorta.

As Dan Walters pointed out in a recent column, the raft of well-funded props pushing higher taxes in CA are likely setting up their own circular firing squad. With luck, they’ll kill each other off. Voters don’t cotton to multiple tax increases, and are likely to vote ’em all down on that criteria alone.

I’ll do what I can to provide LOTS of ammo for the shooters.


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