Fletcher Woos Vet and Big Changes at U-T and Voice

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Politics & Media Mashup My veterinarian asked me yesterday who I like in the mayor’s race. I turned the question around and asked her who she and her husband like. They are registered Democrats. They’re not extremists but they are among the people who feel disillusioned by President Obama and his moderate positions, compromises and move to the middle. “Filner …

Walter Cronkite is rolling over in his grave after SDCTA Breakfast Forum

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Five people who have a lot to do with the news you read, hear and see on a daily basis in San Diego got up early to talk about the role of news media organizations as advocates. What they had to say may surprise you… especially if you’re still living in the era of Walter Cronkite. The San Diego County …

The inbred liberal bias of KPBS

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax FightersRichard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters 17 Comments

Recently our local San Diego KPBS radio station held one of its “Roundtable” shows to discuss and analyze the nominally nonpartisan San Diego mayor’s race. Here’s the link and especially the players (then read MY analysis below the players): http://kpbs.org/news/2011/jul/01/roundtable-non-partisan-mayors-race-heats/ KPBS Midway Edition Radio Program. Roundtable: “Non-Partisan” Mayor’s Race Heats Up. By Pat Finn, Gloria Penner. July 1, 2011. Guests: …

Yes on A Gets Local, National Attention

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Not too often that you see a local proposition garner national media attention, but that’s just what the Yes on A camp snagged last week following a feisty debate on KPBS’s “These Days.”