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San Diegans Feel the Bern

Wednesday, March 23, 2016
posted by Elliot Schroeder

Bernie Sanders campaigned in San Diego yesterday (March 22). This is his only official stop in California on this trip. The event was free and open to the public, but admission was first come, first served. By mid-morning Monday his website had stopped accepting reservations.

Unfortunately, for Bernie fans who missed it, I sense that the irony was missed.

What better way to demonstrate what a Socialist Presidency would be like than to have a limited resource given out for free and have most people excluded from it. San Diegans berned indeed.


Video: Anderson Open House draws thousands of constituents

Thursday, January 7, 2016
posted by Senator Joel Anderson

I was glad to meet with 4,000 of my constituents at my annual Holiday Legislative Open House on December 10, 2015 at Toyota of El Cajon. This event gives me an opportunity to hear directly from my constituents about their opinions and legislative ideas. 40-60% of the bills I introduce come from ideas brought to me by the people I serve. I want to hear directly from you, about your concerns and your ideas for improving government. Thank you to all who attended.


Watered-Down SB 350 Still Threatens California

Monday, September 28, 2015
posted by Diane Harkey

This op-ed originally appeared in the Riverside Press-Enterprise

Once in a while, even in the California state Legislature, we witness democracy in action or a rare moment when a well-intentioned, but harmful, strongly supported and lobbied bill, is rejected due to a lack of votes.

In the final days of the Legislature’s 2014-2015 session, the right number of elected officials listened to their constituents and defeated a costly measure that would have forced every Californian to cut their gasoline use in half and increased the cost of electricity in the Inland Empire and throughout California.

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ALEC comes to San Diego

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
posted by Elliot Schroeder

Ron Nehring found himself in liberal sandwich on a KPBS radio show regarding The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Francine Busby sounded off the expected leftist rant. The humorous part was SDSU professor Ron King trying to play himself as a non-ideological college professor. All of his remarks betrayed that he believed in a large, intrusive government regulating our lives and our economy. How a professor doesn’t see that as liberal only shows how far academia has gone into the ether.


by John Nienstedt, President, Competitive Edge Research & Communication

My firm, Competitive Edge, uses Perception Analyzer™ dials to test TV ads, speeches, debate performance and even movies. Remember the movie “2016: Obama’s America”? We dial-tested it to uncover some fascinating findings about what aspects of the film – down to the second — influenced voters’ thinking.

TV ads are our most common dial test subjects. And why not? When campaigns have hundreds of thousands of dollars in ad buys to execute, they need to know what to bet on and what to avoid. Campaigns should employ dial-testing to make their ads stick with voters.


The Chargers Must Leave San Diego

Thursday, March 5, 2015
posted by B-Daddy
Qualcomm Stadium By Intersofia at en.wikipedia [CC BY-SA 2.0], from Wikimedia Commons

As long as the voters of San Diego are willing to punish politicians for subsidizing a new Chargers stadium, or as long as the law is interpreted that such subsidies require a public vote, there is no way that the Chargers can remain in San Diego for much longer. Numerous studies have shown that the value of a football stadium to a city is never more than the amount of money plowed into subsidies, so there will never be a viable economic argument for a new stadium, and I think San Diegans understand that. See Pacific-Standard for a great summary of the issue in general in America.


The “Living Wage” Sham

Sunday, September 21, 2014
posted by B-Daddy

The campaign to raise the minimum wage here in San Diego has been fraught with distortions and misleading information.  Thankfully, it looks like we will see the wage hike put to the voters in June 2015 2016.  Why the wait?  I’ll find out.


Ebola Ethics and Mapp Biopharmaceutical

Wednesday, August 6, 2014
posted by B-Daddy

The Washington Post blog post about “white” Americans getting an Ebola serum reminds me of an old joke about the Post.  The Almighty gave the editors of the Post a call to let them know that the world was ending the next day.  True to form the WaPo headline read: “World to End – Women and Minorities Impacted Most.”

Distribution of the serum to Americans has jack to do with the fact that they are white and everything to do with the fact that they are Americans.  The serum is being developed by an American company, Mapp Biopharmaceutical, based right here in San Diego, I am proud to say.

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Voter turnout for the June 2014 California primary will be low. Not a “Stop The Presses” kind of statement.

How about this: “San Diego is on the cusp of experiencing record low voter turnout. I’m talking about turnout potentially so weak it could damage the city’s psyche.” 

Competitive Edge Research & Communication President and CEO John Nienstedt made this assertion in a blog post Tuesday and it’s getting plenty of attention. Voice of San Diego saw fit to include the post in its Morning Report. Social media chatter is making noise about it.

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Scott Crosby, CEO, ABC San Diego / 619-518-3450

(Poway, California) – Hundreds of San Diego Community College students will be prohibited from working on Southwestern College (SWC) Prop R funded construction projects under a proposed Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) to be voted on Wednesday by the SWC Governing Board.

The students will be barred from applying for these construction jobs because the proposed CBA excludes all non-union students. San Diego Community College students are enrolled in state-registered apprenticeship programs affiliated with the Associated Builders and Contractors of San Diego, a construction association that includes members who choose not to sign union collective bargaining agreements.

Thor is very happy with all of us tonight at San Diego Rostra. Our humble political blog won first place in the Best News and Opinion Blog category at the San Diego Press Club Journalism Awards. The Libertarian Lass and Barry Jantz graciously accepted on behalf of everyone in the Rostra blogpen. Visual aid shown here.
San Diego Rostra, Barry Jantz and Gayle Falkenthal

The Libertarian Lass, Gayle Falkenthal; Barry Jantz


New Lincoln Club Mail on Fletcher

Sunday, October 13, 2013
posted by Thor's Assistant

And who said mail was dead? After the first two rather notorious Lincoln Club mail pieces on Nathan Fletcher hit mailboxes this week, the third seems to hint at a pattern of behavior.

The latest piece quotes Shawn Steel as one of Fletcher’s former employers saying he “cannot be trusted to do the job.”


The Politics of Obstinacy

Monday, August 5, 2013
posted by Elliot Schroeder

In the last three years there have been over 20 sex scandals at the state and local level. These used to be the death nail for politicians. But on both coasts two municipal politicians vow to stay the course.  In the past, lower ranking officials like Congressman David Wu and Governors like Eliot Spitzer were crushed by numerous stories put out by the media and resigned just to end the barrage.  What has changed?


Due Process My Ass

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
posted by Tony Manolatos

[captionpix imgsrc=””]

Due process my ass. Seriously. The extreme lefties, including leaders of the local Democratic Party and city employee unions, making the due process argument for Mayor Bob Filner should be ashamed. What they’re really saying is, “Politics before principles!” And: “He may be a hugger mayor but he’s our hugger mayor.”

The position from the folks at the San Diego Free Press, which is left of left field, go something like this: We really need to let the process play out. When pressed, they pathetically offer this: Life without our mayor would be a disaster because there is no one as progressive as he is to lead our city.


The unassuming blonde woman with her hair pulled back filled out the required form to address the San Diego City Council during the non-agenda public comment period on Tuesday. She stepped to the microphone for her four minutes of time to address members about an issue not on the docket. She was slotted in right after the gadfly going on about Solyndra.

She only used a little more than two minutes. Stating her name for the record gave her away to the handful of people present, or watching on the City’s cable TV broadcast of the meeting: Ann Romney, wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, now a resident of La Jolla, a suburb of San Diego.


American Enterprise Institute Speech

Monday, January 21, 2013
posted by Carl DeMaio

If you missed my speech last week, you can view it by clicking the link below.

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San Diego – Former Mayoral Candidate Carl DeMaio announced today that he will continue his work as a government watchdog by heading up two reform groups – one focused on the State of California, and one focused on the City of San Diego.

“I’m excited to take on these two new roles that allow me to continue to shine a big light on state and local government and hold both accountable to taxpayers,” DeMaio said.

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Economy and My Son’s Union Job

Wednesday, December 19, 2012
posted by B-Daddy

After about a year of looking for work, my youngest son (M) got two job offers within a matter of a week.  The first was with a fast food outlet and the second with a grocery chain.  Signs that the local economy is picking up?  I hope so.  The alternate explanation is that hiring by local stores, ramping up for Christmas, left other openings in the economy.


California Restaurant Association, San Diego Chapter Endorses DeMaio

San Diego Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio garnered the endorsement and enthusiastic support of one of the largest small business organizations in San Diego: the San Diego County Chapter of the California Restaurant Association which represents over 6,500 restaurants in San Diego County and employ more than 100,000 employees in the county.

“As a former business owner, Carl DeMaio knows that streamlining bureaucratic regulations for small business owners will attract employers and increase jobs which in turn will generate more revenue for the City and restore neighborhood services,” said Mike Morton, Jr., President of the San Diego County Chapter of the Restaurant Association. “Our members appreciate his well thought out jobs plan and his leadership in support of small businesses.”

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Today we launched our latest television ad for the campaign called “Not a Label.”

Check it out here:

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Cross-posted at FlashReport

San Diego Politics & Media Mashup

If you believe Governor Jerry Brown, all of us are going to suffer if we don’t agree to tax ourselves more this November.

It’s a tired sales pitch we hear too often from California lawmakers, but that didn’t stop Brown from trying to play on our fears when he visited San Diego on Monday.

The first paragraph in the U-T San Diego’s story on Brown’s press conference framed the governor’s hyperbole this way:


Streamlining and Transition Assistance Attracts Key Support

With less than 80 days to go until election day, San Diego Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio picked up more support from key military veterans today. “With a narrowed field, I am pleased to announce that as the general election approaches, veterans of all branches and walks of life are rallying around Carl DeMaio,” stated retired U.S. Army Major General Dennis Kenneally, the volunteer coordinator of the Veterans for DeMaio Coalition. Kenneally was joined by several key veterans at a news conference today in front of the Veterans Memorial and Center at Balboa Park.


National Latino Advocate & Communications Advisor Joins DeMaio Campaign

Latino advocate K.B. Forbes, who has served as a spokesperson and communications advisor on three U.S. Presidential campaigns and numerous state and local races, has joined the Carl DeMaio campaign as Communications Director.

“Carl DeMaio represents political reform and transparency, and I am honored to be working on one of the most important races in the nation this election cycle,” said Forbes. “I look forward to working with the media and community groups in San Diego and helping elect Carl DeMaio as the next Mayor of San Diego.”

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Great News!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012
posted by Carl DeMaio

I have GREAT news to share!

Moments ago Judge Vargas DENIED the government labor unions’ legal challenge to Prop B – Pension Reform.

The court has rejected a “Restraining Order” that would have prevented the Mayor and City Council from proceeding forward with Prop B.

Here’s the brief statement I released upon hearing the news:

“Today San Diego citizens scored a big win for Pension Reform! Judge Vargas’ decision clears the way for the City to respect the mandate of 66% of San Diego voters who approved Prop B’s pension reforms.

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Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio held a rally with a crowd of dozens of Pension Reform supporters in front of US Bankruptcy Court to send a clear message: San Diegans have spoken by voting for Pension Reform.

The rally comes on the eve of an important court hearing on a lawsuit brought by government employee unions seeking to invalidate the results of the public vote to approve Prop B.

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