John Nienstedt, president of Competitive Edge Research & Communication, San Diego

Final San Diego Voter Turnout Predictions from Competitive Edge Research

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The 2016 Presidential election has induced much gnashing of teeth among voters.  It seems like there has been an unprecedented amount of attention paid to election-related stress relief. Voice of San Diego devoted not just one but two sessions “focused on mindfulness, consciousness and reflexivity” in an effort to relax the electorate.  The Washington Post recently reported that there’s an …

Will Trump supporters publicly endorse his quotes?

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As a late-stage millennial, I have nearly 2,400 Facebook friends. Everyone I’ve met in my life is connected to me on social media one way or another, and they’re of all political stripes. My cadre of Facebook affiliates ranges from Donald Trump supporters to people who are not insane. Yesterday, I engaged in a little experiment. My hypothesis: Even the most ardent supporters of Donald Trump …

Union Tribune foolishly calls for San Diegans to spoil their ballots

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“Send a message to the GOP and Trump by writing in Ronald Reagan for president.” That’s the crux of the Union-Tribune’s June 2nd editorial. It’s also foolish and irresponsible advice, especially from a newspaper. Under California law, write-in votes aren’t counted unless they’re cast for certain qualified write-in candidates. To become a qualified write-in candidate, you have to fill out forms and submit …