Will Trump supporters publicly endorse his quotes?

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As a late-stage millennial, I have nearly 2,400 Facebook friends. Everyone I’ve met in my life is connected to me on social media one way or another, and they’re of all political stripes. My cadre of Facebook affiliates ranges from Donald Trump supporters to people who are not insane.

Yesterday, I engaged in a little experiment.

My hypothesis: Even the most ardent supporters of Donald Trump cannot and will not support what actually comes out of the man’s mouth.

To test the hypothesis, I posted the following:

Cash Offer: I’ll pay a bona fide Trump supporter that is also a Facebook friend $20 to agree to post direct 5 quotes of my choosing made by Donald Trump from the past ten days.

Each quote must be preceded with the phrase (and nothing else), “I support Donald Trump because he said, [ insert quote ]” and remain publicly visible on your feed until election day.

Do I have a taker?

So far, nobody has taken me up on the offer, though the post was shared a half dozen times and attracted dozens of “likes”, making it appear in hundreds of people’s Facebook feeds. Several Donald Trump supporters predictably responded with non sequiturs bashing Barack Obama, but none of them agreed to have the Sentient Wig‘s ramblings broadcast on their own Facebook feed.

I encourage you to try this experiment at home. Then come back and comment on this post with the results. Perhaps my friends – even the Trump supporters – are simply smarter than average.


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  1. Snarky and cynical but your thinking won’t win elections. Just remember this, General Patton of WW2 was a brilliant general who also shot from the hip, and was very rough in his language. He was always in trouble with his PC superiors because of his abrasive ways. But his soldiers loved him. He was a rough and tough fighter. His brilliance and fighting spirit won many battles.

    It’s long past time that the Republicans had a street fighter that can go toe to toe with the leftists and beat them. Trump defeated the best 16 candidates that the Republican party could muster.

    Make up your minds. Do you want a fighter and winner or do you want another McCain or Romney? You have 2 choices in this election, Trump or Hillary? I’ll take Trump and his rough, abrasive ways any day over the alleged (this is for you TA) Clinton Crime Family.

  2. Dan – John McCain fought for his country. You and Donald Trump seem to have forgotten that.

  3. Sam- Neither did Hillary but she did manage to lose Libya, Syria, and Iraq to ISIS by her incompetent handling of foreign affairs. Trump hasn’t gotten any American killed. Hillary is a total failure.

    Hillary, lied, the Benghazi 4 died (allegedly TA). It could be argued that Hillary’s failure to contain ISIS overseas encouraged the killing by ISIS in America of Americans in Orlando, Ft. Hood, San Bernadino, and Boston.

  4. Dan –

    I’m confused – the article you posted the other day in your effort to defame the father of a fallen American soldier suggested that Americans who die serving our country had it coming to them. Please explain.

    Turning back to your original comment – what is it about Donald Trump (who always wanted win a Purple Heart but didn’t want to earn one) that makes him more of a fighter than Senator McCain (who likely didn’t want a Purple Heart, but certainly earned one)?

  5. Dan, Please correct me if I’m wrong. Republicans cut embassy security funding just before the attack. There were over a dozen such attacks during the previous administration yet the Democrats held no investigations. ISIS exists because of the vacuum created when Sadam was ousted. The agreement to leave Iraq was brokered by the Bush administration. Obama was willing to stay longer but Iraq would not give our soldiers amnesty . You will not find any of this information at Breitbart or Infowars.

  6. “Do you want a fighter and winner…”


    The critical word is “and.” I want a fighter AND a winner.

    Folks thought McCain and Romney were bad? Trump’s “effort” may go down as the worst GOP campaign of our (or anyone’s) lifetime.

  7. So the bottom line is everybody here wants Hillary. Disgusting. If Hillary wins, she’ll appoints another leftist activist SCOTUS judge, kiss the the 2nd Amendment goodbye.

  8. Dan:
    Please show me where I said anything close to that. How perfectly quaint, for someone to indicate that because A is a mess, it follows they must like B.

    I agree with you on Hillary. But, that alone doesn’t make Trump a winning nominee.

    I’ve already written about how we got here and who’s to blame. As well, the reality of CA and its electoral votes. A lot of pontificating over nothing.

    Down ticket does matter, however.

  9. Barry: It was not an attack on you or Eric. I know you guys to be patriots and activists. My comments were phrased to hopefully shake people up and make them realize what’s at stake. A vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for Hillary. Not voting is a vote for Hillary.

    Down ticket matters but as the top of the ticket goes, so goes the down ticket. Like him or not, we need to support Trump to help the down ticket in San Diego. We need to get out the “Trump” Republican and reluctant Republican vote in San Diego. There is NO enthusiasm for Hillary.

    The 2008 voter participation was 52%. The 2012 participation was 47%. It went down because the average American is fed up and angry at the direction of the country and the “go along to get along” establishment politicians who don’t fight for them. The surprisingly long lines of self-professed Democrats and DTS who were enthusiastic about Trump in the Republican booth at the San Diego County Fair tells me that Trump has tapped into the discontent of many average Americans who think that Trump speaks for them.

    As a lifelong salesman, I learned early on that I had to sell “what’s on the cart”. I had to sell my own company’s products if I wanted to make money even if they didn’t have the features and functions in a product that I wanted. In other words, I can’t “sell” Reagan. He’s long gone. I can’t sell Cruz. He lost. But I CAN and WILL sell Trump. I like Trump a heck of a lot better than I liked RINO McCain and RINO Romney.

    Go Trump!

  10. Grab me my check book i have to contribute more money to all you guys. You sure do seem like you have your house in order.

  11. @Dan:

    Thanks. Not taken that way. Just a dialogue, as always.

    As I wrote on FB in reply to a family member yesterday…

    As an electoral college selection for a Bush one year, I know all too well that I didn’t get to cast an electoral ballot in CA, even though my congressional district and the nation supported him against Gore. Yet, Republicans have a monarchist attitude — Top spot or nothing; if we have the top spot somehow everything will be ok, even though hundreds of other state and local elected officials impact our lives everyday. If you stay home because you feel your vote doesn’t count in CA for president, I won’t blame you. But, you’ll have yourself to blame for ignoring your city council, school board, water district and legislative contests when your taxes go up. Act your conscience for president, vote or not. But, down ticket races impact you and your neighbors every day.

  12. I am sure that a similar offer to do the same for things that HRC or BHO have said would be as interesting starting with “I never lied about my emails.” or “We didn’t pay a ransom.”

    Maybe throw in DWS or Crazy Joe and make it truly interesting.

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