A tale of two sentiments about two Chargers’ cities

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There’s nothing that better exemplifies the Chargers’ fall from grace — and respect — in San Diego than two comments, made about six years apart by John Lynch, once a huge advocate for the team. In November 2011 to Voice of SD, just after it was announced Doug Manchester and Lynch were partnering to purchase and operate The San Diego Union-Tribune: …

John Nienstedt, president of Competitive Edge Research & Communication, San Diego

Final San Diego Voter Turnout Predictions from Competitive Edge Research

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The 2016 Presidential election has induced much gnashing of teeth among voters.  It seems like there has been an unprecedented amount of attention paid to election-related stress relief. Voice of San Diego devoted not just one but two sessions “focused on mindfulness, consciousness and reflexivity” in an effort to relax the electorate.  The Washington Post recently reported that there’s an …

Chargers resurrect attacks on Chris Cate

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From Sage Naumann… After the latest poll, Spanos & Co. went back to the drawing board and decided to re-hash a tactic that they proclaimed as “brilliant!” to stop the bleeding of their campaign…and team. If you’re not focused on the tags below, they include things like “satire,” “parody,” and “don’t sue us,” just to clarify.

Taxpayers to Chargers: You’re again invited, but you need to respond

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Below is a letter from San Diego County Taxpayers Association President & CEO Haney Hong sent to to Dean Spanos, President of the San Diego Chargers, regarding the measure on the November ballot asking San Diego voters to increase the hotel tax to help pay for a downtown stadium and convention center annex. Mr. Dean Spanos Chairman of the Board …

Richard Rider’s reaction to Chargers deal

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I’d like to see the actual Chargers stadium proposal, but based on the task force’s official write-up which I presume is accurate, appears to be a $467 million taxpayer giveaway to keep the Chargers here — ignoring cost overruns and “surprises.” And apparently that’s not counting the 60 acres of land valued at $180 million (not sure how land ownership …