Video: Anderson Open House draws thousands of constituents

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I was glad to meet with 4,000 of my constituents at my annual Holiday Legislative Open House on December 10, 2015 at Toyota of El Cajon. This event gives me an opportunity to hear directly from my constituents about their opinions and legislative ideas. 40-60% of the bills I introduce come from ideas brought to me by the people I serve. I want to hear directly from you, about your concerns and your ideas for improving government. Thank you to all who attended.


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  1. Right now, one of Anderson’s pet projects, the plan to transform Gillespie Field into an (don’t laugh now…) East County “Aerotropolis” are taking shape. Needless to say, vastly increased noise and congestion will follow, disrupting the lives of the many thousands who live in or near the flight paths.
    Anderson’s glib response?–“The airport was there first.”
    If Anderson has anything to say about it, in Airport vs.The People, the people lose.
    So much for those he’d ostensibly “serve.”
    We can (and will!) do better.
    Reelect Dianne Jacob.

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