Due Process My Ass

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Due process my ass. Seriously. The extreme lefties, including leaders of the local Democratic Party and city employee unions, making the due process argument for Mayor Bob Filner should be ashamed. What they’re really saying is, “Politics before principles!” And: “He may be a hugger mayor but he’s our hugger mayor.”

The position from the folks at the San Diego Free Press, which is left of left field, go something like this: We really need to let the process play out. When pressed, they pathetically offer this: Life without our mayor would be a disaster because there is no one as progressive as he is to lead our city.

Think about that for a minute. These tragically flawed holdouts (aka blind Filner supporters) are willing to live with a national embarrassment because that, to them, is better than a leader who doesn’t share their ideals. What a terrible position and what an awful thing to say to the women of San Diego.  Here’s the kicker: These folks call themselves progressives. They’re about as progressive as Pat Robertson.

Mayor Bob Filner is entitled to due process with investigators and in the courts, but in the court of public opinion he drained his due process tank when he admitted guilt. Let’s take a moment to review what he said:

  • I have diminished the office to which you elected me.
  • I’m clearly doing something wrong. 
  • I have failed to fully respect the women who work for me and with me, and at times I have intimidated them.
  • It’s a good thing that behavior that would have been tolerated in the past is being called out in this generation for what it is: inappropriate and wrong.
  • I need help.
  • I will participate in sexual harassment training provided by the city.
  • You have every right to be disappointed in me.
  • I brought this on through my own personal frailties. The biggest monster is inside of me, which we will deal with.
  • I’m a hugger.

Civil rights attorney Gloria Allred was right when she said had Filner made his pathetic apology before Election Day San Diegans never would have elected him eight month ago.

“They deserve a mayor who stands for something, not someone who claims at age 70 years old he still needs help in order to discern right from wrong and asks those that elected him to stand by while he gets help,” Allred said at a Monday press conference heard around the country. “No, Mr. Mayor, you do not need help. What you need is to resign immediately. You have disgraced yourself and the office you hold.”

Allred is representing Irene McCormack, Filner’s former communications director. She filed a lawsuit Monday that makes the men at Sterling Cooper & Partners look meek next to our mayor.

He can’t lead, folks. He doesn’t talk to Council President Todd Gloria, he isn’t allowed to meet alone with women and Councilman Kevin Faulconer made the point Monday that leaders in Washington and Sacramento no longer return his calls.

At a joint news conference Monday, Gloria and Faulconer said the mayor is a disaster and must go, but they also said the people’s business isn’t missing a beat. I agree there will likely be no interruptions to basic city services like police and parks and rec, but a mayor facing a crisis of this magnitude can’t lead and therefore city business is going to be affected.

Remember, the people’s business is getting done without affording women the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the mayor. What’s that say about City Hall, about San Diego, about what we’re willing to live with as a community?

I’m willing to bet not all women are as brave as Irene McCormack, who still works at City Hall and likely runs into the mayor. Why would we continue to put her and other victims in the mayor’s path?

He lost his chance to lead. He failed. Miserably. Pathetically. He needs to resign and let San Diego begin to heal. As Donna Frye said, “he is tragically unsafe.”

Please remember that the next time someone shouts: “Due Process!” Please remember what they’re really saying: “We would rather have a disgraced mayor who sides with us than a respected mayor who doesn’t always agree with us. Oh, and don’t forget, we’re progressives!”


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  1. Well put! Recent history offers further insights.

    In 2005 when it became apparent to all that San Diego had SERIOUS financial problems, people lost confidence that Mayor Dick Murphy could ably continue to guide the city. I myself publicly called for his resignation just a couple weeks before he actually DID resign (naturally, I take all the credit for his decision).

    BTW, did I post that piece on SDRostra? Was SDRostra even ALIVE back then?

    Murphy was facing no charges of wrongdoing, ethical lapses, or other legal problems. No “due process” issues were involved. Murphy understood that he could no longer do the job, and he resigned with grace. It’s what a quality individual SHOULD do.

    Filthy Filner is NOT a quality individual. Even fewer people today want Filner to continue as mayor than felt that way about Murphy. Yet he soldiers on, bringing daily shame and unwanted notoriety to our fair city.

  2. I do not buy the apparent shock and horror of the so-called “progressives” concerning Filner’s behavior. I have been around San Diego politics for over 30 years now and everyone involved in politics and government here has known for decades about Filner’s abusive and vile behavior, mistreatment of women and complete lack of integrity and moral character. This being true, the Dems chose to overlook Filner’s vicious personality and bizarre actions because they wanted him in office. In short, he was “their guy.” The effort by liberal Dems to disclaim responsibility for this disaster insults the intelligence of San Diego voters. The libs ordered this poisonous meal and now they have to swallow it.

  3. I have always noticed a tolerance for corruption and acceptance of a cheater as long as they are on the correct side of the issues. What I haven’t seen before is a call for someone to stay in office after admitting to mistreating women. Now that we have some of the horrible details, the silence from the left is deafening. In addition, this man is under FBI investigation for shaking down local companies. I find it unacceptable that the left thinks Filner is their best person for the job. That speaks volumes.

  4. Richard, the first Rostra entry (3,826 posts ago) was in August 2009. Red County San Diego existed for a couple of years before that, but not before 2006. So, no, we did not see your post on Dick Murphy, at least not on this center-right venue or its predecessor.

    Speaking of Murphy, as a comparison to the present, he was a saint.

  5. The fact that he is willing to put the city through the national embarrassment—it’s been fodder for news programs almost daily, shows how little regard he truly has for the city or the region as a whole. It was never about San Diego. It was always about Bob Filner, his ego and his next job in politics. Hopefully that all will end soon, and badly for a man who must go down in San Diego history as one of the worst in a well-worn pathway of mayoral mistakes.

  6. I agree with this but I also wonder if events have not overtaken this issue. At this point I think we can safely say that Filner is going to be civilly liable but, unless a REALLY big shoe is yet to drop (quid-pro-quo; pervasive and extremely hostile workplace; etc. etc. ) the damages are going to be RELATIVELY low (under seven figures). He isn’t rich but he ain’t poor. PERHAPS plaintiff’s counsel will fight past a settlement offer that includes $$ and apologies to get a resignation but I will believe that when I see it. Plus that saga will play itself out for a LONG time – all the while the court is likely pushing plaintiff’s to accept $$ and apology to clear the docket.

    Bottom line? If we are sickened (and we should be) of his behavior and want him out then it is past time to get serious about a recall. I understand the political “joy” of watching the local Left twist in the wind over this but we need him out – it will STILL take probably a year to accomplish that – and we need to get cracking.

  7. This whole scenario is appalling. The fact that the mayor of San Diego is not trusted to be alone with an individual woman while conducting City business does not an any way signal “business as usual”. What type of business operates on this premise. That the mayor does not communicate with the council president, Todd Gloria, signals that he is unable to separate his official duties from his skewed self-saving agenda. I say, “Pack your bags, Filner, and hit the road. You are bad news and bad news for San Diego.”

  8. Erik, damages may be low but if the city council refuses to pay for his legal fees, and he has to cover that on his own, the longer he drags this out, and the more women that step forward, the more expensive this will be to him personally. This could reach a point where the financial pain is enough to have him consider resignation.

    Question to all: I know the ways for him to leave office include recall, resignation or felony conviction. He has turned over day to day management responsibilities to Ekard. Filner has been laying low. Is Filner even showing up at city hall? If not, at what point can the Deputy Mayor assume mayoral responsibilities (albeit limited)? At what point is his lack of performance of mayoral duties considered abandonment of office? Is there anything in the city charter or state constitution that could address a situation like this?

  9. Post

    Thanks for the feedback, all! I wrote this to try and expose the due process argument for what it is, and to urge all of us to think about what we’re willing to accept from our local leaders.

    I have no idea if the Mayor will resign, but I’m certain things are going to get worse for him. The more he’s isolated the harder it will be for him to ignore the calls for his resignation.

    Be well, people. Be well!

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