Watered-Down SB 350 Still Threatens California

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This op-ed originally appeared in the Riverside Press-Enterprise Once in a while, even in the California state Legislature, we witness democracy in action or a rare moment when a well-intentioned, but harmful, strongly supported and lobbied bill, is rejected due to a lack of votes. In the final days of the Legislature’s 2014-2015 session, the right number of elected officials listened …

Climategate 2.0 — More Global Warming Emails Apparently Released

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A second release of the controversial Climategate emails from global warming scientists appears to have  just taken place. The most important question is whether these emails are real and not some hoax. If they’re real, the cover-up of biased global warming scientists has become even flimsier. And the task of their dutiful allies in the mainstream media has become much …

Misleading Ocean Climate Stories From City News Service (via KPBS) And Union-Tribune

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(UPDATE: With new graphic illustrating press release journalism.) In honor of Al Gore’s global warming scareathon beginning Thursday Wednesday, here’s a phony climate scare story, carelessly reported by City News Service and carried uncritically by our local public media outlet KBPS radio, and independently by the San Diego Union-Tribune. First, please examine this chart. I’ll explain why it’s important later …

Coming Sept. 14: Al Gore’s Powerful Science-Based Message To Global Warming Denialists

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On Sept. 14, Al Gore launches another of his increasingly influential science-based appeals to fight global warming. Here’s a taste of the enlightenment: Directed to our use of reason and logic, in the grand tradition of last year’s highly successful 10/10 “No Pressure” campaign: The message to unbelievers is clear:

A Manufactured Consensus On Global Warming Is No Consensus At All

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The “scientific consensus” that human-released greenhouse gases are the main driver of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming (CAGW) didn’t evolve naturally from the science, but was forced into being as a tool of advocacy, argues Jean Goodwin of Iowa State University in a paper (PDF) submitted to the National Communications Association in 2009. I mention this paper now because climate scientist …

Global Warming Causes Tsunamis! So Saith The Sages Of Grist

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Until  National Review Online posted about this scary story from enviro mag Grist, I wasn’t aware of this frightening new dimension to the catastrophic effect global warming climate change is having. Already, 2011 is the costliest year for insurance claims due to natural disasters, aided by climate change. The cost so far: $265 billion, greater than the previous record, set …