The Election File — (1) Yes-on-Sales Tax group Disbands and (2) Dan Mc Allister will seek a New Term

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The Committee that urged a vote raising SD City Sales Taxes last Fall,  has now disbanded with the filing of an official form.  Voters defeated Prop. D  with a 62% majority, in part owing to the asymmetrical campaign waged by our own Gayle Falkenthal and GOP Chairman Tony Krvaric. In a 2nd  happy note for local Taxpayers,  fiscal watchdog Dan Mc Allister signalled this week he will …

New filings show the S.D. Deputy Sheriffs Assn had a good 2010 election Year — Here’s How they did it

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2010 was a year to forget for much of organized labor, but at least one local  employee group was celebrating on Election Night…the San Diego  Deputy Sheriffs Association.  Reports filed in the last 24 hours reveal the DSA found success through a willingness to back (gasp) Republican candidates ! The DSA did significant Independent Expenditures for Supervisors Bill Horn and Ron Roberts …

Volunteer Saturday to Defeat Prop D

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Please join Councilmember Carl DeMaio and our grassroots team this Saturday, Sept 25 for a few hours to help defeat Prop D — the blank check sales tax increase in the City of San Diego. Volunteers Needed To Deliver LawnSigns Saturday, September 25 (9:30am to 4:30pm) 5703 Oberlin Drive, Suite 107 San Diego, CA 92121 Prop D gives city politicians …

Prop. 23 Opponents Spread ‘Repeal’ Falsehood

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If enacted, Proposition 23 will suspend California’s global warming law until unemployment falls below 5.5 percent for four consecutive quarters. When that takes place, Prop. 23 goes back into effect. Backers say their intent is to ensure that California’s horrendous economy, with an unemployment rate above 12 percent and possibly double that in reality, isn’t further crippled. That’s straightforward enough, …

SD Chief Operating Officer’s Memo Claims That City Has Made “Significant Reductions”

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I’m truly puzzled how one can come to this conclusion. Below are financial figures for the city by several departments over the course of 2003 to 2009. A few occasional departments show a sporadic reductions, but one doesn’t have to be financial wizard to recognize that they general trend is clearly increased spending year over year. Such inaccurate language from someone so high up in the private sector would end their career.

If We Say It Enough, They’ll Believe It

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The Yes on D campaign in support of the proposed half-cent sales tax increase in the City of San Diego has finally ginned up its efforts, less than eight weeks before election day. I suppose it took that long for the public labor union checks funding the campaign to clear. Its first news release announced the campaign’s team members. It …

No on Prop D Campaign Announces Website Launch and Kickoff Event

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The No on Prop D campaign has officially launched its website – and has announced a campaign kickoff event for August 25. The website is at  In addition to providing information on why San Diegans should vote against Prop D, the website asks San Diegans to sign a “petition against higher taxes.”   On August 25th, the campaign will formally …

Despite Deceptive Editorial, SD CityBeat Supports Sales Tax Increase

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In a recent editorial, San Diego CityBeat’s staff claimed to oppose Proposition D, the sales tax increase on the November ballot. But the purported opposition is just a convenient fig-leaf for the tax-and-spend CityBeat “liberals”, as they prepare to endorse the sales tax hike. The “liberals” (I don’t like calling them liberals, as they’re not – they are leftists) rule …

Breaking News: Pfeiler Files for City Council

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Current Mayor of Escondido, Lori Holt Pfeiler has just filed papers at the deadline to run for city council. Lori, who announced last year she would not be seeking re-election as mayor has decided to stay with politics. She joins a crowded field of 7 candidates vying for 2 council seats. Current incumbent, Marie Waldron is seeking re-election to her …