Since The Pole Obviously Still Exists, Perhaps We Should Send a Letter to the North Pole

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Between smoking gun E Mails spotlighting fraudulent information by scientists who attempted to prove the phenomenon of Global Warming, and a record cold winter all over the world, many who still think it’s a good idea to tax our brains out for the sake of a “greener” land are retreating from all the hot talk, and offering, in exchange, the brilliant phrase, “Climate Change.”

I do not mean to be sarcastic with the word brilliant. Truthfully, for those who wish to win an argument apart from facts, the new chosen term is quite clever. Why? Because with this new description of our planetary condition, they will absolutely, positively be right. One thing we can say with certainty about the climate; it’s always changing.

The next time we’re concerned about the destruction of the Earth, perhaps a journey to the North Pole would be in order, not to study the polar ice caps, but rather to ask the man himself, Santa Claus! I realize Santa is only a figment of mythology, but, evidently, so was all the talk about Global Warming.

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