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Hotels, Politics and San Diego

Friday, December 14, 2012
posted by B-Daddy

Looking for San Diego news to blog about, I notice the extent to which news regarding rich hoteliers looms large locally.  Perhaps because tourism is so important to the local economy, we see so many stories.

1. Evans Hotels was recently granted an extension to the lease of the Bahia Resort land on Mission Bay for another 21 years under circumstances that call into question the real motives of the council. Andrew Keatts at VOSD has the story.  The $75,000 annual payment doesn’t seem like much for such a choice location, but I am no expert. I really distrust any “public-private” venture.  Rich business interests can easily use influence and donations to get good deals that wouldn’t be available in a free market where another private party owned the land.  I would like to see the city sell the land at auction and use the money to make up pension shortfalls.


[captionpix imgsrc=”” captiontext=”L to R: John Modlin, SDCAA Board President, Carl DeMaio, Alan Pentico, SDCAA Executive Director”]

San Diego Politics & Media Mashup

Cross-posted at FlashReport

At a fundraiser for Carl DeMaio on Wednesday I heard the mayoral candidate make some points I hadn’t heard him make before.

Speaking to members of the San Diego County Apartment Association, for whom I am privileged to do some work, Councilman DeMaio said someday he would like to write a book about how he helped turn San Diego around, and the positive affect government reform has had on local neighborhoods. He said he wants to tour the world to discuss his book.


[captionpix imgsrc=”” captiontext=”Ricky Young, U-T’s Watchdog Editor”]

Politics & Media Mashup: your weekend news aggregator leads off with a Q & A with Ricky Young, the editor of U-T San Diego’s Watchdog Team. Also included: Gobs of links to some of the week’s best stories about local, state and national politics as well as social and traditional media.

“Journalism that upholds the public trust, regularly.”  That’s how the U-T San Diego defines its Watchdog Team. Rostra’s Richard Rider, a constant critic of politicians and the reporters who cover them, had this to say recently about the team: “Reporters are now practicing REAL journalism with their generally excellent ‘Watchdog’ work.”


[captionpix imgsrc=”” captiontext=”Bob Kittle”]

Politics & Media Mashup: your weekend news aggregator leads off with an exclusive Q & A with Bob Kittle and includes links to some of the week’s best stories about local, state and national politics as well as social and traditional media. 

Most of you are familiar with Bob Kittle, the former editorial page editor at U-T San Diego who was best known for his conservative views and aggressive voice. For years, Kittle was the face of the paper, the architect of its toughest editorials. He was let go in 2009 in a round of layoffs. He ran news operations at KUSI for a year and now is writing a book. You will be shocked to learn he still has a few things to say. In a Rostra exclusive, Kittle weighs in on the new U-T, the Mayor’s race, the Chargers search for a new stadium and more:


Papa Publisher Mixes Jesus and Journalism

Monday, December 26, 2011
posted by Erica Holloway

Today’s Twittersphere got a tad wound up about the Christmas Day publisher’s note from the San Diego Union-Tribune’s new fearless (and Jesus-loving) leader Doug Manchester.

The open letter, “A day to count blessings and share happiness,” began as such:

Dear fellow San Diegans,

Christmas is ever spiritual because it celebrates the birth of a child more than 2,000 years ago whose arrival on Earth defines all the dates of history. No other individual, before or since, has so influenced mankind as Jesus Christ. As the dawn breaks on this Christmas morning, we rise to celebrate the day marking the birth of the Christ child, a day dedicated to “good tidings of great joy.”


Amid criticism of newspaper’s pro-stadium stance, new owners assure reporters they won’t be stadium advocates

Turns out, The San Diego Union-Tribune is not going to serve as a unabashed supporter of a new Chargers stadium.

The newspaper’s new ownership, hotelier Papa Doug Manchester and former local radio executive John Lynch, have been sharply criticized almost since the sale was announced last month because of comments Lynch made to Voice of San Diego.

Lynch, the paper’s CEO, told the Voice he wanted the Union-Tribune’s sports page to advocate for a new Chargers stadium “and call out those who don’t as obstructionists.”


The Hogs Photo — Let’s return our discussions to a Higher Level

Wednesday, November 23, 2011
posted by Jim Sills

A little further down the board is a Headline with the names of local businessman John Lynch, and my name.   Below that is a photo of  3 Giant Hogs.  The post’s author says  this refers to corporate welfare,  something I do not support.   As a professional journalist, that poster must know the implications of  such a Headline and Photo.  It is my hope that discussion among Rostra regulars can return to a higher level in the future.  I ask that this subject be retired, with all parties (including me) having learned some useful lessons.  And  that’s another reason to celebrate Thanksgiving Day!


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Hall to Lynch: ‘Oh no you didn’t!’

Tuesday, November 22, 2011
posted by Tony Manolatos

These are not easy times for the people who remain at The San Diego Union-Tribune.

They know as much as we do about the newspaper’s new ownership, hotelier Doug Manchester and former local radio executive John Lynch, and their plans for a product that is a shell of what it used to be.

The smart money says Manchester is interested in the land more than the paper. He develops hotels – nice ones – and the paper sits in hotel happy Mission Valley just off Hotel Circle.


Proving once again that  no good deed goes unpunished, Doug Manchester and John Lynch are getting criticism for trying to save a San Diego institution [the Union-Tribune] and the hundreds of jobs it provides for local families.  Here are a few points about that criticism:

(1) No proposal regarding a new Charger Stadium has been approved by the San Diego City Council.  If one ever emerges, we can  review its financial details and  decide if it is a good or bad idea.  For this reason it’s illogical to label a so-far non-existent idea “Corporate Welfare.”

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My Response To Jim Sills On John Lynch’s Support of Corporate Welfare

Monday, November 21, 2011
posted by Bradley J. Fikes

Since comments to Sills’ last post appear to be closed, I’m placing my reply in its own post. This reply-reply-to-reply format is cumbersome, so I’ve shortened it — hopefully without distorting the meaning. Read the original thread linked above to get everything.  My comments are in boldface.

I respect Sills’ spirited defense of alleged conservatives John Lynch and Doug Manchester, but some of my own views have been misunderstood in the process. I’m for free enterprise. I’m against corporate welfare feeding at the public trough.

Corporate welfare pigs at the trough



Yes, I know, that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?  The paper’s  glacial liberal editorial trend may soon be reversed.  This correspondent  welcomes the change, and expresses thanks to Doug Manchester and John Lynch, Sr. for  investing their time and money into the community asset that is a Daily Newspaper.   That they do so for a paper which has lost some circulation and advertising is truly remarkable.  They are risking a lot on a deal that is not a Sure Thing.  It will be a good thing if they make a profit from the total balance sheet.   Profit is not a dirty word (!) and can keep this valuable news institution alive.


U-T Must Shill For Chargers, Says John Lynch – UPDATED

Thursday, November 17, 2011
posted by Bradley J. Fikes

UPDATE: The news in the VOSD story is every bit as bad as I feared. From the story, John Lynch says:

He wants that sports page to be an advocate for a new football stadium “and call out those who don’t as obstructionists.”

“To my way of thinking,” Lynch said, “that’s a shovel-ready job for thousands.”

“We’d like to be a cheerleader for all that’s good about San Diego,” Lynch said. “Our motivation, both of us, was to do something good for San Diego.”


While the blogosphere and Twitterverse foams at the mouth over the spectre of hotelier Doug Manchester’s reported purchase of the San Diego Union-Tribune today, far more attention should be paid to the other key player on this team: former radio station owner and executive John Lynch. When it comes to newsroom operations, John Lynch is likely to have far more influence on the day to day product as president and CEO than Manchester.


My knee-jerk reaction — GOOD! Not GREAT, but much better than the current left-leaning, wussy interim owners.


Some Friday thoughts for your weekend…

Mark Fabiani is clearly the toughest man on the San Diego Chargers payroll. While he’s been going around town taking shots at Mayor Jerry Sanders, the guys who suit up on Sundays continue to play like a bunch of Lotus Eaters.

Fabiani’s latest jab arrived this morning in Tom Blair’s column. Fabiani once again says the Mayor’s financing plan for a Convention Center expansion is seriously flawed and possibly illegal.

“The mayor, who says he’s already been advised the plan is legal, is standing firm,” Blair writes.


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