A tale of two sentiments about two Chargers’ cities

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There’s nothing that better exemplifies the Chargers’ fall from grace — and respect — in San Diego than two comments, made about six years apart by John Lynch, once a huge advocate for the team. In November 2011 to Voice of SD, just after it was announced Doug Manchester and Lynch were partnering to purchase and operate The San Diego Union-Tribune: …

City Hall and the Tea Party – 2011

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Dave Maass asked me earlier about what I thought the Tea Party would be watching locally in 2011. As the unofficial chief ideologist, I thought the question deserves an answer. (By the way, no one selected me, in a decentralized organization, people just do the job that needs to get done. Shared vision is the glue that keeps the Tea Party together, not a party organization.) Here is what we will be watching: