Conservative Businessmen buying the Union-Tribune is a Good Thing for San Diego. Here is Why.

Jim Sills Jim Sills


Yes, I know, that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?  The paper’s  glacial liberal editorial trend may soon be reversed.  This correspondent  welcomes the change, and expresses thanks to Doug Manchester and John Lynch, Sr. for  investing their time and money into the community asset that is a Daily Newspaper.   That they do so for a paper which has lost some circulation and advertising is truly remarkable.  They are risking a lot on a deal that is not a Sure Thing.  It will be a good thing if they make a profit from the total balance sheet.   Profit is not a dirty word (!) and can keep this valuable news institution alive.


(1)  It increases the chance of saving many local jobs .  Not just journalists, but the support staffers, truck drivers, pressmen (and women), news dealers and sales people, etc.

(2)  Assures that two proven business successes will do their best to make the paper worthy of this great community, and  with locally-based ownership. Both men are driven and success-oriented.

(3) While blogs, like SD Rostra, serve an essential  purpose, only a daily local newspaper can fully cover and document the spectrum of a 4,000-square mile, 2.5 Million-person county on a full-time basis.   Both the Blogs and the Union-Tribune are good for San Diego’s community dialogue.


(A)  Would you invest  Your Money into what Matt Drudge calls,  “The Legacy Media“?  These two gentlemen are taking a significant  Risk with their own resources.

(B)  The sale to Manchester and Lynch does not take effect until December 15th.  How about giving them 90 days to show us what changes they have in mind, before  questioning their motives?


Thank you, Doug Manchester and John Lynch for your lifetimes spent investing in San Diego and for your continuing faith in its future, at a time when that is not such an easy thing to do!  This great community is the sum of  dreamers, from Junipero Serra in the 18th century to Alonzo Horton in the 19th, to today’s risk takers.



Jim Sills is a San Diego political consultant.   He has aided the campaigns of Rep. Darrell Issa, Assemblywoman Shirley Horton, Senators Joel Anderson and Tony Strickland, Representatives Devin Nunes and J.D. Hayworth (Arizona) , and SD County Assessor & Recorder Greg Smith, among many others in California and beyond.  If you have questions about  Your future in politics, you can contact Jim Sills  at