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It was surreal… and televised. As we well know, Bob Filner is a Congressman and can do whatever he wants. Alas, the cruel hand of probability did not get the memo. Probability did not give The Entitled One that which he wanted. Unthinkable. Mayoral candidate Filner lost a coin toss.

The coin toss determined the order in which candidates would answer the first question and deliver their closing statements during the UCSD/CW6 debate yesterday. As a result, Filner was to answer the first question, and give first closing remarks. Filner was not having it. Instead of taking the stage for the televised debate, Filner embraced his inner diva and threw a hissy fit backstage. All the while on camera, mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio was at his podium, staring at an empty podium, #Eastwooding.

Last fall, given the amount of public and private property that Occupy Wall Street burned, destroyed and even defecated on, I began to wonder anew if there were any forms of vandalism to which the left objected.  Alas, Lilygate provided a silver lining. Whatever the intent of the water fighting revelers, some of them destroyed a source of civic pride (the lily pond) within a larger source of civic pride (Balboa Park).  The silver lining? It upset citizens of all political stripes. I found this strangely heartening.  I gather that it even upset one of the founders the Congressional Progressive Caucus–a left wing Congressman running for Mayor.

Bob Filner’s Week of Lily Pond Lies

Thursday, August 16, 2012
posted by Ryan Purdy

In just one week, mayoral candidate Bob Filner reeled off so many outright lies and misstatements he is in jeopardy of giving our doddering Vice President Joe Biden some serious gaffe-envy.

It started at last week’s debate at the Institute of the Americas. Filner ignorantly called out Councilmember DeMaio for not having a diverse staff. Of course, out of a staff of seven, two are Hispanic and two are Asian-American. One of these individuals is his Chief of Staff.  As someone who has been perpetually running for office since 1979, Filner knows the importance of the Chief of Staff position. As his zany buddy Joe Biden would say, it is a “big effing deal.”

Haven’t served in the Military? Fletcher says: “Shame on you”

Thursday, May 10, 2012
posted by Ryan Purdy

Nathan Fletcher released an ad called “Character.” Handpicked veterans call out the leading mayoral candidate, Councilmember Carl DeMaio, for not having served in the military. The well-rehearsed veterans, one after another, said: “Shame on you.” Given this ad, you might be surprised to learn DeMaio has never expressed anything but admiration for Fletcher’s military service.

So why would Marine veteran Fletcher attack DeMaio with a non-sequitur about his own military service? DeMaio is guilty of two great sins: 1) leading every mayoral poll for a year, and 2) criticizing the record, policies, and platitudes of the Self-Anointed One.

The GOP didn’t reject Fletcher, it embraced DeMaio

Monday, April 2, 2012
posted by Ryan Purdy

By Jason Cabel Roe

Originally posted on FlashReport on April 2

If it weren’t for the Republican Party, we would not even know who Nathan Fletcher is.

That’s right, the political party he abandoned last week after 15 years of professional association; the one that provided the structure and opportunities for a politically ambitious young man to learn the system; the one that gave him the identity and resources to run and win a seat in the State Assembly; the one that put him in position today to be a leading candidate for mayor in the 8th largest city in America; and the one that put him in a position of prominence such that his quitting actually mattered to anyone.

Thanks to Philip Rivers, his wife, Tiffany, and local attorney Charles LiMandri who spearheaded a $5.2 million capital campaign to purchase the radio station KCEO 1000 AM, San Diego now has a 24 hour Catholic talk radio station. In turn, thanks to KCEO, I learned last week about San Diego’s Rally for Religious Freedom, tomorrow, Friday, March 23, noon at the San Diego County Administration Building.

Upon Andrew Breitbart’s untimely passing Rush Limbaugh said, “the country needs another 1000 more Andrew Breitbarts.”  As true as this statement may be, it is safe to say that Breitbart was sui generis.

Not all of us are well-suited to build a conservative empire on the web. However, The Franklin Center  for Government and Public Integrity is coming to San Diego on March 31 with an ambitious goal nonetheless: creating local information activists and investigative reporters.

Remember back in 2010 when the local Municipal Employees Association went crying to its state level big brother, Public Employment Relations Board (PERB), about Mayor Jerry Sanders using the power and prestige of his office to inspire and endorse Prop D, the sales tax increase?

No I don’t remember that either, because it did not happen. However, I do recall more recently the Municipal Employees Association asking PERB to bully over 120,000 San Diegans, including Mayor Sanders, by blocking the Comprehensive Pension Reform initiative from getting on the ballot. Last Tuesday, Judge William Dato told Goliath, labor groups and their heavy-handed bureaucrat friends, to back off of little taxpayer David… until after the election.

Save a San Diego Surfer…Eat Shark Fin Soup!

Friday, August 26, 2011
posted by Ryan Purdy

God blessed them, saying to them: “Be fertile and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. Have dominion over the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and the living things that move on earth. Genesis 1:28

Turns out it is not just occasional sewage flowing from the Tijuana River that sullies San Diego’s South Bay. San Diego/Imperial County Labor Council’s “Middle Class Taxpayer’s Association” does a fine job of soiling the South Bay as well.

Proposition R passed in fall 2008, thus allowing the Southwestern Community College to issue $389 million in bonds to construct and repair facilities. The language of the promised the bonds would be issued “at legal rates, with required citizen oversight, annual audits and no money for administrators’ salaries.”

When State Senator Christine Kehoe (D-San Diego) is not plucking the petals from a rose a to determine whether or not she should run for Mayor, she seems content to bungle up traffic on the 5 freeway in north San Diego City and County. Car accidents are proving to be the old-fashioned way to mess up traffic. Nowadays you can hold up the expansion of a freeway by introducing a bill in the State Senate–thus further marring traffic in the area you claim to represent. Six more lanes on the 5 freeway from La Jolla to Oceanside would sure be nice, but Kehoe doesn’t think so.

This is the fourth and final part of my interview with San Diego’s Roger Hedgecock, nationally syndicated talk show host. He is heard locally on KOGO 600 AM. You can read Part I of my interview with Hedgecock here. You can read Part II here. You can read Part III here.

A major theme on Hedgecock’s talk show is the government’s micro-regulation of virtually every aspect of life.  I asked him about the micro-regulation and what he believes the purpose of this is:

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This is the Part III of my interview with San Diego’s Roger Hedgecock, nationally syndicated talk show host. He is heard locally on KOGO 600 AM. You can read Part I of my interview with Hedgecock here. You can read Part II here.

I asked Hedgecock his take on national political figures worth following, in particular ones that are suitable for President.

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This is Part II of my interview with San Diego’s Roger Hedgecock, nationally syndicated talk show host. He is heard locally on KOGO 600 AM. You can read Part I of my interview with Hedgecock here.

Hedgecock had been a part of “Youth for Goldwater” when he was in high school. I asked him how he formed his conservative political philosophy at a young age:

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My wife and I first met local talk show host turned nationally syndicated host  Roger Hedgecock (heard locally on KOGO 600 AM) and his wife in December 2009.  We were waiting in a long valet line at U.S. Grant after the Lincoln Club Annual Dinner.  They were very gracious and chatted with us — a young, recently engaged couple — for over ten minutes while we all waited.  Last week I met Hedgecock at his studio, and I was pleased to be greeted by the same down to earth demeanor.  He exudes confidence without seeming to be impressed by his own celebrity.  Memorabilia of different sorts adorn his office walls, but do not clutter it.  Atop his desk were meticulously organized articles and other papers. If I had to choose though, I would say the item in his office that stands out the most is his camouflage upholstered tall back office chair.

On Fiscal Issues, Where Art Thou Mayoral Candidate Bonnie Dumanis?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011
posted by Ryan Purdy

Maybe mayoral candidates should approach the 2012 election as if they were running for Homecoming King or Queen of San Diego. This seems to be Bonnie Dumanis’ tactic so far. She is willing to put herself out there… in the sense that she is willing to have folks voice their opinion about her at the ballot box. Of course, nominees for Homecoming court go through that too.  As I recall from my own high school experience, and watching every coming of age movie including Mean Girls, the Homecoming court is determined by popularity alone. The nominees do not have to engage in questions of sales taxes, labor unions, deficit reduction, crumbling infrastructure, response times and business environment, to name several issues. First, Homecoming court nominees make a few big posters with markers.  Then they smile at both the nerds and  the popular kids for the week leading up to the vote.  Finally, to their credit, they put their popularity on the line in front of God, man, the principal and the janitor. Dumanis seems more than willing to do that.  However, she is not willing to put a stake in the ground on issues, especially fiscal ones.

Bonnie Dumanis is running… for Mayor Jerry Sanders’ third term

Friday, March 11, 2011
posted by Ryan Purdy

San Diego has a longstanding tradition of electing establishment Republicans, often with either military or law enforcement roots as its mayor. Before becoming U.S. Senator and California governor, former Marine Corps officer and Republican Pete Wilson was mayor of San Diego from 1971-1982. Wilson, a moderate to liberal on social issues, did limit the growth of the city’s budget, cut property taxes locally and helped revitalize downtown. However, he was against Prop 13 in 1978 (limiting California’s property tax and requiring a 2/3 majority for increases in state taxes) before he was for it. San Diego city workers opted out of Social Security in 1982 when then-Mayor Pete Wilson promised the city would provide taxpayer-funded health care for retired workers. This promise has played a significant role in increasing the city’s unfunded liability.

Advice to Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood: Be more like Dick Cheney

Thursday, March 3, 2011
posted by Ryan Purdy

Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood may have suffered a minor stroke just over two weeks ago, while on a trip to Washington D.C. to meet with federal officials.  I wish him well. I sincerely hope he returns to good health soon, and is able to fully execute his duties as mayor.

I also hope he drops his ghoulish political opportunism.  I wish he would confront ideological and policy differences with councilmembers in a forthright matter.

From the North County Times:

Initial tests in Washington showed that his blood pressure was unusually high. The mayor said he thinks his disagreements with a new council majority of Jerry Kern, Jack Feller and Gary Felien could be partly to blame.

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Mayor Sanders and all current GOP mayoral aspirants:

Do you support or oppose the use of a project labor agreement (PLA), which would mandate the hiring of union workers, on the $700 million San Diego Convention Center Expansion?

The ‘hitmen’ of SD Rostra need a “beer summit” with Two Cathedrals

Tuesday, February 22, 2011
posted by Ryan Purdy

The call to “civil discourse” was never anything more than a call to censorship of the right.

The local “progressive” blog Two Cathedrals objected to my use of “hitmen.”  I used it to describe the men of the left who are coming after Darrell Issa.  Never mind that the liberal allies of these particular operatives have bragged that Averell “Ace” Smith is like Michael Corleone.  The point is that liberals (the first to censor and the last to admit it) are on high metaphor alert after the Tuscon tragedy. In any event, after a few of us Rostrafarians ribbed Two Cathedrals for its fashionable hypersensitivity, we got this response:  “Suggesting that hitmen, left/right/up/down, are coming after a congressperson seems in poor taste.  An opinion.”

The hitmen of the left coming after Issa — Are they invincible?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011
posted by Ryan Purdy

Since Representative Darrell Issa became Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, he has become an obsession of the left.  This isn’t one of their happy obsessions (bankrupting the country or driving around in old Volvos) but one of  their angry ones (like when they’d camp outside GW’s ranch in Crawford, TX ). The left is giddy because it plans to devote an entire nonprofit to trashing Issa and running ads against him.  Mind you, he isn’t running for anything. The New Yorker recently did a hit piece on Issa, and the Chairman has not been toppled. In any event, some California liberals have retained Averell “Ace” Smith and Dan Newman of SCN Strategies, a San Francisco based consulting firm.

Tuesday night the Hillcrest Town Council hosted Councilmember Carl DeMaio, Municipal Employees Association General Manager Michael Zucchet, former San Diego City Attorney Michael Agguire and University of San Diego economics professor Alan Gin (pictured at left) in a townhall about pension reform. It was ably moderated by Voice of San Diego’s Scott Lewis. Only DeMaio and Zucchet showed up to the event on time. While Aguirre provided some off the reservation entertainment and Gin provided equally off the reservation solutions… it might have been better to just feature DeMaio and Zucchet.

Four members of PETA who dressed up in Orca whale costumes were arrested yesterday at San Diego’s Sea World when they laid in the middle of Sea World Drive for at least an hour blocking traffic. Protest aside, PETA leaves a key question unanswered: where else is an orca whale going to get a job?  Shamu is gainfully employed in a county with over 10% unemployment.  Therefore it seems more than a wee bit insensitive to unemployed San Diegans to have folks protest an orca whale making it big in  the aquatic show business–in the Hollywood of the aquatic show business nonetheless.

Representative Issa’s PR machine hits a snag known as “The New Yorker”

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
posted by Ryan Purdy

Presumably The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza told Darrell Issa that he was going to do an article about him, with or without him… or at least implied as much. Issa would have been better off going the “without” route. In an article ironically titled “Don’t Look Back“, writer Ryan Lizza does nothing but look back. Now that Issa is the Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, Democrats and their interchangeable partners in the media have a sudden interest in looking back. Issa will likely investigate everything from WikiLeaks to Afghan corruption to Fannie Mae. Lizza writes a meandering, undisciplined 7,829 word article predominantly on Issa’s past.  He concedes Issa’s constituents have no real interest in it. “In 2000, two years after losing the Senate primary campaign, Issa easily won a congressional seat in a conservative district near San Diego, where voters seemed unconcerned about the then two-decade-old tales from his youth.” I won’t rehash the decades old tales here, because that would be to do Lizza’s bidding.

San Diego Stays classy: Make Lawsuits, not bombs on Mt. Soledad

Tuesday, January 18, 2011
posted by Ryan Purdy

In response to the Ninth Circuit of Appeals recent decision that the cross atop Mt. Soledad is unconstitutional,  hundreds showed up to support the war memorial on Saturday. They were entreated to an inspirational and humbling program.

War veterans spoke, including a survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack. He had to be helped both onto and off of the stage, but he needed no assistance in telling his story. He spoke of the day after “the day that shall live in infamy,” when he had “body recovery duty.” This entailed waiting for the bodies of fallen American soldiers to float to the top of the waters of the Pacific to be brought ashore.

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