The Edgy Interview: Julie Meier Wright

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 Originally published in the Competitive Edge Newsletter, February 2018 Julie Meier Wright sold San Diego across the country and around the world. Perhaps just as important, she’s been an advocate for women taking strong roles in business and politics and serves as a mentor to many women. Julie is currently a Strategic Advisor at Collaborative Economics, a Senior Fellow with …

Former Gov. Pete Wilson Endorses Rocky Chavez

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Former two-term California Governor Pete Wilson has endorsed Rocky Chavez in North County’s 76th Assembly District. Governor Wilson, who served as Mayor of San Diego and as a U.S. Senator during President Ronald Reagan’s tenure, remains deeply connected with the region. Wilson built up a $16 billion budget surplus by the time he left office in 1999.

Bonnie Dumanis is running… for Mayor Jerry Sanders’ third term

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San Diego has a longstanding tradition of electing establishment Republicans, often with either military or law enforcement roots as its mayor. Before becoming U.S. Senator and California governor, former Marine Corps officer and Republican Pete Wilson was mayor of San Diego from 1971-1982. Wilson, a moderate to liberal on social issues, did limit the growth of the city’s budget, cut …

EXCLUSIVE: Meatball Poll Results on San Diego Mayor’s Race

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There are plenty of polls: straw polls, tracking polls, horse race polls, push polls, exit polls. Not to be left out, San Diego Rostra debuts its exclusive Meatball Poll. This decidedly unscientific poll is conducted among attendees at the National Albondigas Political Society, San Diego Edition. This swell group of political swells gathers for meatball soup (hence the name) and …