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  1. Great question. We all know Carl DeMaio doesn’t support PLA’s — and has been the only one in city government leading the effort to ban them.

    Word on the street is Sanders supports the PLA for the Convention Center.

    This adds about 15-30% to the cost of the project — and discriminates against non-union workers and employers. Talk about a sweet heart deal!

    It is shameful that any Republican would ever allow or even support this.

    Where is Bonnie Dumanis on this? Fletcher? Faulconer?

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    GoCarlGo: Thanks… I tweeted this post/question to Carl DeMaio, Mayor Sanders, Nathan Fletcher and Kevin Faulconer this morning.

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  4. The PLA requirement for the convention center is already settled. It became a mandatory requirement the moment Sanders appointed Steve Cushman to the convention center board, and Cushman put himself in charge of raising the money for the project.

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