#Cointossgate: Filner Loses a Coin Toss, Then Loses It, Leaves DeMaio #Eastwooding

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It was surreal… and televised. As we well know, Bob Filner is a Congressman and can do whatever he wants. Alas, the cruel hand of probability did not get the memo. Probability did not give The Entitled One that which he wanted. Unthinkable. Mayoral candidate Filner lost a coin toss.

The coin toss determined the order in which candidates would answer the first question and deliver their closing statements during the UCSD/CW6 debate yesterday. As a result, Filner was to answer the first question, and give first closing remarks. Filner was not having it. Instead of taking the stage for the televised debate, Filner embraced his inner diva and threw a hissy fit backstage. All the while on camera, mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio was at his podium, staring at an empty podium, #Eastwooding.

Heather Myers of CW6 moderated the debate and did an admirable job of killing four full minutes of air time. She was held hostage, on camera, by Filner’s empty podium on stage and his drama backstage. She introduced the debate and its partners, showed a UCSD promotional video, explained at excruciating length the format of the debate, then finally let DeMaio explain Filner’s empty podium.

In the primary season, we had one mayoral candidate throw his lollipop in the sand when he did not get what he wanted. Filner is now carrying that torch, or lollipop. Of course he threw it in the sand post coin toss…

When Filner finally graced the UCSD audience and TV viewers with his presence, he still refused to take the first crack at the first question. DeMaio immediately offered to take the first question and subsequently did so. Myers did a remarkable job keeping her composure. She did refer to the “coin toss debacle” and #cointossgate.  Myers could not help but reach the closing statements with some trepidation. Would Filner accept giving his closing remarks first, as that ruthless coin dictated… or would he insist on going second? While it was cause for some suspense, Filner actually acquiesced and give his closing remarks first. The diva dialed it down a notch and gave Myers a break.

However, Filner’s adult-like behavior ended about as quickly as it started. Myers’ duty as the playground’s recess monitor was not over. Filner gave his closing remarks. Then DeMaio began his. Filner interrupted so much, Myers gave DeMaio 30 extra seconds for lost time in his closing statement.

Bob: when someone else is giving their closing statement, that’s what’s known as “quiet time.” Shhhhhhh.

If losing a coin toss upsets Filner this much, can you imagine his reaction to losing the mayoral election? Let’s hope we find out. If he does lose, the 70 year old Congressman will not be without a future.  The former professor could teach an etiquette class. No, really. He had a trial run in front of UCSD students last night. Potential course title: How to be a Diva: Perfect the Hissy Fit, the Storm Off, the No-Show and Pushing Past People.

ADMIN UPDATE 10/15/12 – A clip of the start of the debate…


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    Richard Rider: hahaha, very true. During that closing statement fiasco, in particular, Filner was truly channeling Biden.

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  3. Kudos to Carl for handling the situation (and the whole debate, for that matter) with class, including helping the moderator work through a difficult situation.

    As for Filner, this is but one example of what a truly classless buffoon he really is. Not to mention his rambling, incoherent answers and negativity throughout the debate.

    Any of those students who asked questions and actually listen to the answers both candidates gave deserve what they get if they vote for Filner.

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    D7 Voter: Agreed. Carl did handle the situation with great class–especially when he just took the first crack at the first question.

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