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Last night the “Oscars”of American politics were handed out in Washington D.C. by the American Association of Political Consultants.  The 2010 campaign to pass Chula Vista’s Proposition G, [anti-Project Labor Agreement ]    picked up Statues in Two categories:  (1)  Best Direct Mail Campaign and…  (2)  Best Newspaper Ad. The Yes-on-G effort was directed in part by Lacee Beaulieu of ‘The San Diego Group’,  in cooperation with legendary national political figure  Eddie Mahe as  Strategic Counsel.   A sample mailing (“The Unions are Coming”)  is shown above. This success is a milestone in national recognition for the Talented Political Men and Women who call San Diego county home.

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2010 was a year to forget for much of organized labor, but at least one local  employee group was celebrating on Election Night…the San Diego  Deputy Sheriffs Association.  Reports filed in the last 24 hours reveal the DSA found success through a willingness to back (gasp) Republican candidates !

The DSA did significant Independent Expenditures for Supervisors Bill Horn and Ron Roberts in the Fall, thus refusing to panic after the June primaries when Roberts and Horn were both forced into risky runoffs.  But then, you would not expect law enforcement officers to panic.


San Diego political consultant John Wainio got good news this week from Campaigns & Elections magazine (the Bible of the Election Biz).   His “Tax Man” mailer is one of 3 National finalists for “Best Mail Piece” of 2010 in two categories.  The flyer kids candidate Steve Gronke for votes to raise fees in Vista,  comparing him to the subject of George Harrison’s famous song.  Aiding Wainio in creating the piece were Tish Sjoberg of Planet Grafix (Graphic Design), and Jim Sills of SD Rostra (creative contributions) …..Hey, that’s Me!

……….More  About  this  Competition

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Six Republicans took their elected oaths of office this morning at the historic  County Administration Center, opposite the Star of India and San Diego waterfront.  With the victory of Ernie Dronenburg as Assessor – Recorder, all County offices are now held by Republicans, including Sheriff, DA, Treasurer, and all 5 county supervisors.

Depicted in the adjoining photos are North County’s Supervisor Bill Horn, with  Daughter-in-law Holly holding grandson Samuel and wife Kathy.  Not pictured, but in attendance:  Son Geoff, Daughter Julie and grandsons Jackson, Will, and Luke.  Judge Tim Casserly administers the oath.  Ernie Dronenburg is shown with his wife Marilyn holding the family Bible.  That is popular Superior Court Judge Kenneth So reciting the required oath of office for Ernie.


Let’s tip the Rostra hat today to the other Team in town, and 3 of the better Democratic mailers seen in this cycle…  (1)  Juan Vargas for State Senate.  A brilliant and persuasive “defense” piece from the
candidate’s wife, Adrienne,  replying to negative mail from primary foe Mary Salas.  (2) A San Diego Democratic Party slate card introducing the 4 Democrats running against Ron Roberts for County Supervisor and (3) a “Yes on J” brochure, urging a ‘parcel tax’ for the  SD City Schools district .

RESULTS:  Juan Vargas won his state  Senate race, Proposition J failed, and GOP County Supervisor Ron Roberts was re-elected to a new term in District 4.

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How does a Republican county supervisor win a 57% re-election landslide in a district that went 68% for Barack Obama just 2 years ago?  That’s not a typo, President Obama got 68% in District 4.  You are seeing one major reason for Roberts’ win here, the well-crafted and targeted mail campaign designed by Tom Shepard and his colleague Aimee Remanick.

They did not try to demolish challenger Stephen Whitburn, instead focusing on the ‘stature’ gap, and Roberts’ long local history (Kearny High School, SDSU, 50-year SD resident, architect) vs. Wisconsin transplant and activist Whitburn.

…………………………………………THESE   KEY   ISSUES   WORKED


Hall of Famer Leo Durocher made Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations with the classic line, “Nice Guys Finish Last.”  The great manager of the Cubs, Dodgers and Giants was talking about baseball, but it is an attitude often found in politics as well.  This week one of the Nicest Guys in San Diego election history, Ernie Dronenburg, takes office early as Assessor/Recorder/Clerk.

SD Rostra broke the story of his candidacy back on December 11, 2009. We went out on a limb, saying he was “seen as the Immediate Favorite to Win Back Key Post” for Republicans.  It took a year of hard work, with loyal support from his wife, but Ernie toppled the incumbent last month in a countywide race, one of the toughest possible political feats.

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Humor is a welcome change-of-pace at Election Time. Here are the best two San Diego examples your correspondent saw in 2010.  (Readers may submit their faves).  The Lorie Zapf camp targeted pensions, showing foe Howard Wayne reading a news story about his vote for  a State pension bill (SB 400)  in 1999.  A 2008 Union-Tribune article  on that vote was also quoted.

Meanwhile, 1960s pop culture visited Supervisor Bill Horn’s North County district, with foe Steve Gronke labeled “The Tax Man” on a vintage LP vinyl record.  Supporting info detailed a host of Gronke votes to raise Vista city fees and charges, and all fitting into the lyric pattern of “The Tax Man” story made famous by the great George Harrison:


The Political Kettle was boiling  in January, Feb. and March 2010…and SD Rostra was right there, adding spice, taking notes and reporting the results to you.  Our “Cooks” who served you in those months included:  Richard Rider, Marie Waldron, Bob Siegel, “Sunshine”, Lani Lutar, Steve Baldwin, Gayle Falkenthal, Carl DeMaio, Barry Jantz and Jim Sills.

Here are the best Dishes from our Winter Menu for 2010:


(01-06-2010)   Steve Danon continues to build support in Supervisor District 3 …. Father Joe,  Brian Bilbray, Jerome  Stocks, The Chairs of  the Lincoln Club and New Majority San Diego all came on board.  And yes, Steve Danon will be running in 2012! Barry Jantz had the story.


Time to look back at SD Rostra’s first year and salute those who won for us the SD Press Club award for “Best Topic-based Blog” in San Diego! This post looks at Rostra’s best from October to December 2009.

More, from 2010, follow this week. Please read them over and let us know which are your favorite articles.

Excelling in Oct. – Dec. 2009 were: Greg Larkin, Mr. Murphy, Criticus, Barry Jantz, Buck Turgidson, Gayle Falkenthal and the Mighty Thor. The top 15 Stories of that period are reprised here in chronological order...



San Diego Rostra is our region’s leading political blog with several breaking news items to our credit and some swell awards, translating to an impressive growth in readership.

So it’s no surprise to this member of the blogpen to learn that Santa Claus himself is one of Rostra’s loyal followers. He’s asked to sit in as a guest blogger with his own Rostra “Naughty or Nice” contribution. Who am I to say no to the big guy in the red suit, especially if I want some swag for Christmas. So here it is – and remember, Santa wears a RED suit for a reason, boys and girls.

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Please add your “gifts” to Santa’s List for fellow Rostrafarians:

For Gayle Falkenthal … more shelf space to store the trophies and plaques she copped from the SD Press Club and other societies.

Barry Jantz …a peaceful year at Grossmont Healthcare District.

Marie Waldron… an abacus, to discreetly count how often she is once again the Majority Maker on the Escondido city council!

Gabriella Hoffman … more guys taking her advice to be an American Gentleman…

Erica Holloway … New business clients and reasons to laugh out loud in 2011. It is a good gathering when Erica H. is laughing.


It’s no surprise Ron Roberts won Linda Vista, where he grew up (61%) , nor Mission Hills, his home the past 3 decades (59%). But when his very best neighborhoods were All in the late, great George Stevens’ city council district 4… Well, now That is a real surprise!

Impressively, Ron Roberts won West Encanto (predominantly African-American) with 65%, Paradise Hills (sizable Filipino-American demographic) with 68% and East Encanto (large Latino impact) with 67%.

Democratic Challenger Stephen Whitburn did well within SD Council district 3,where he ran a strong, though losing bid vs. Todd Gloria in 2008. Whitburn took District 3 this time with 55%, and a 3,600-vote majority.

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The “Final Canvass” of the November election is now in from the SD Registrar of Voters, and here at the Rostra Institute, we’re looking for patterns in the key local races.

Bill Horn did it the old-fashioned way in North County, winning 3 of 4 cities (Carlsbad, Oceanside, San Marcos), key suburbs (Del Dios, Lake San Marcos, Rancho Santa Fe) and the famous Rural Majority (Fallbrook, Bonsall, Ranchita).

Vista Councilman Steve Gronke had his innings too, winning his home town (58% in Vista), a few suburbs (Buena, Hidden Meadows, Elfin Forest) and also two rural outposts (Valley Center, Pauma Valley).


Counting the Prop. D Votes

Monday, December 6, 2010
posted by Vince Vasquez

Late last week, the San Diego Registrar of Voters released the voter canvass files from the November 2nd, 2010 election. These files provide the precinct-by-precinct vote breakdown for all the elections in San Diego County. I found lots of interesting data, but Rostra policywonks might be intrigued to know how the vote came down on the City of San Diego’s sales tax increase, Prop. D.  Using GIS software, I’ve mapped out the No on D vote.

No on D votes weren’t isolated to GOP-friendly neighborhoods – strong opposition extended into “purple” precincts with large numbers of Decline to State & Democratic voters, including Mount Soledad, Mira Mesa, Southeast San Diego, Otay Mesa, San Ysidro, and Mission Beach.


Here at the SD Rostra Number Crunching Institute, we found intriguing data in the Secretary of State’s final report of election 2010. We Compared final pre-election GOP registration percentages, to the average Republican vote for Governor and US Senator.

Among the 8 southern California counties, the Republican Party of San Diego scored a 1st-place finish, running a full 14.1% ahead of GOP registration. OK, in fairness to our many friends in OC, they tied for top honors, also with 14.1%. San Diego Republican registration is 36.2%, but Fiorina and Whitman scored an average 50.3% of the vote, producing the 14.1% figure cited.


The San Diego vote count effectively ended today, with over 900,000 ballots processed (!) and only a paltry 500 left. Congratulations to the hard-working Registrar of Voters staff for a job well done !

Final results confirm the Conservative-Libertarian-Business coalition swept the 5 biggest local races in San Diego local government. Please note that 3 of the 5 contests were fairly close. Hat tip to the mostly women volunteers who ran 7 regional HQs for the Republican Party of San Diego. With guidance by Tony Krvaric and Barrett Tetlow, the GOP boosted rank-and-file turnout by 4% relative to Democrats. 4% can win a lot of elections.


A liberal reporter this week expressed a view common among the news media that Tony Krvaric is mainly a PR guy as he heads the Republican Party of San Diego. The scribe (Dave Maass of San Diego CityBeat) wrote, “I think Tony Krvaric, he’s more like the marketing and ticket sales guy for the football team; but not a coach or player.”



Winners and Losers… My Take

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
posted by Criticus

WINNER **LORI ZAPF**. Well I know it’s obvious she won the election, and of course that makes her a winner, but it’s more than that. Talk to the wags downtown – particularly the corporate or public relations class – and she was a sure loser (same folks coincidentally that thought Measure D was a great idea). Zapf’s win wasn’t just her own: it was a victory for the non-chamber types of real business people and the local GOP who didn’t give up when they were told they couldn’t win.


The Top Ten Reasons why the Revolution Bypassed California

Friday, November 5, 2010
posted by Steve Baldwin

Many pundits are trying to explain what happened in California.  After all, Republicans lost every state-wide race,  picked up one Congressional seat and actually lost a seat in the State Assembly. Moreover, California voters elected dozens of hard left wackos and removed the 2/3 vote in the Legislature that had protected us from out of control budgets.   Unfortunately, California will pay a heavy price for such stupidity at the polls.  Hundreds of our largest businesses have already fled and many more are now planning to do so.  There is little hope at this point that California can escape a long-term – perhaps permanent – recession.


San Diego’s Right Alliance, a conservative-libertarian coalition, can NOW claim victories in the five most hotly-contested local election battles which came to an end Tuesday.

What a difference two years make! In 2008 it was our turn to mourn close losses for SD City Council, the State Assembly and other key posts.

But 2010 is very different. Here are the “Big 5″, chosen because they drew the most controversy, spending, volunteer labor, and intense conflict between local business and union forces.

In random order, the Big 5 races are:


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