Part II – Year’s BEST Stories on SD Rostra (January to March 2010). The making of an Award-winning news Blog through Hard Work

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The Political Kettle was boiling  in January, Feb. and March 2010…and SD Rostra was right there, adding spice, taking notes and reporting the results to you.  Our “Cooks” who served you in those months included:  Richard Rider, Marie Waldron, Bob Siegel, “Sunshine”, Lani Lutar, Steve Baldwin, Gayle Falkenthal, Carl DeMaio, Barry Jantz and Jim Sills.

Here are the best Dishes from our Winter Menu for 2010:


(01-06-2010)   Steve Danon continues to build support in Supervisor District 3 …. Father Joe,  Brian Bilbray, Jerome  Stocks, The Chairs of  the Lincoln Club and New Majority San Diego all came on board.  And yes, Steve Danon will be running in 2012! Barry Jantz had the story.

(01-04-2010)  “Rescue the US economy  … Buy American, and Here’s How” … Major outpouring of comments , 80% favorable to author Marie Waldron , who lists websites  showing where to find quality US-made products, to  support American workers and business people.  Marie Waldron was the # 1 vote-getter for Escondido city council in Nov.  2010.   This is one reason why!

(01-05-2010)  Brittany  Catton  challenges Toni Atkins in AD 76 Demo  primary.   New face Brittany Catton stirred fear & loathing in some Demo circles with unexpected bid.  She later withdrew her candidacy, but emerged with higher profile & her dignity intact.   50 comments flood two Rostra posts, most very favorable to her. and Stories by Jim Sills.

(01-11-2010) Steve Baldwin interviews an ACORN defector on KCBQ am-1170 radio, then summarizes her comments in a companion SD  Rostra story.  Steve has periodically guest-hosted the popular Rick Amato program.

(01-13-2010)   “Bob Siegel de-mythologizes Prop. 8  and Marriage issues” …. If you think same-sex marriage  does not affect you, think again !  A superb analysis of the Yes-on-8 position, and its effects,   which drew 23 strong responses, pro and con

(01-26-2010)  “Lies, Damm Lies & Statistics… ”    Lani Lutar and  Gayle Falkenthal demolish self-serving poll paid for by  SD school board, claiming a parcel tax increase can get a 2/3 voter majority in November.  The Lutar & Falkenthal show makes mincemeat of  that poll, and its conclusions.   In the event, the resulting Prop. J barely got a SIMPLE majority (50.7%) .  Gayle Falkenthal again calls the shot (10 months in advance of the election this time).   Does she have a real crystal ball?

(02-05-2010)  “SD City Schools first PLA bid contract a  complete disaster “…. Richard Rider says labor union clones on  SD city school school board watch bids  come in 35%  over estimates, after adopting a Project Labor Agreement  plan. A big surprise to them, but not to Mr. Rider!

(02-09-2010)  “Jantz  senses  the County’s  anti-PLA   “Prop. A”  is payback”.. The payback  he found was for $220K spent by state & local SEIU labor union to put County Supervisors term limitsitem on the June ballot (but leaving the DA, Sheriff, Assessor, and Treasurer unaffected). Both ballot measures passed, with  ban on Project Labor Agreements for County projects winning a 75%  YES landslide victory.   So there.

(02-10-2010)  “Breaking: Betty Rexford Recall qualifies for Poway Ballot” Barry Jantz announces it on  SD Rostra and the statewide Flash Report. The Recall would succeed with a crushing 78% Yes vote on  June 8, 2010.  Voters chose John Mullin to succeed her, and he won a full term in November.

(02-24-2010)  “New SD City Hall?    Not without a Public Vote. ” Carl DeMaio, Kevin Faulconer, Sherri Lightner and Donna Frye pledge to block it otherwise.   Carl De Maio reports the news on SD Rostra, after first making the news.

(03-02-2010)  “County Assessor Announces Campaign…uhhh, using County Email System” Appointed incumbent Dave Butler sends e-mail to County list saying  he will seek a full 4-year term in June.  Does not say “vote for me”, but seen as awkward and a  self-inflicted wound. Barry  Jantz penned this one.

(03-04-2010)   “SD City Awards More Than 2,000 Raises  in Middle of Its Budget Crisis, and  Pays Top Pension of $299,103 ” .    The $299K  librarian,  who will appear opposite the 4-star General in the Fall No-on-Prop. D campaign,  makes her debut in this revealation from Councilman  Carl DeMaio.

(03-12-2010)  “Two more Democrats take papers against Ron Roberts” for Supervisor Stephen Whitburn, Margaret Moody launch late bids. SD Rostra reported that first. Roberts was forced into a runoff in June, but overwhelmed Whitburn in Nov. runoff,  with  57 % landslide.      Jim Sills authored.

(03-016-2010)   “Breaking:  Bye, Bye Xema.” Marti Emerald parts ways with  her initial chief of staff,  Xema Jacobsen.  In accompanying drama,  SD Rostra’s Sunshine edges out Mr. Murphy by 30 minutes (!) to be the first to post this news development.

Jim Sills is a San Diego political consultant. If you have questions about your future in San Diego and California elections, you can contact Jim at this e-mail address:

He has aided the campaigns of Rep. Darrell Issa, Assemblywoman Shirley Horton, Senators Joel Anderson and Tony Strickland, Rep. Devin Nunes, and Assessor/Recorder Greg Smith, among others.


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