Faucett out. Hansen in.

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San Diego City Hall will soon welcome Katie Hansen, of Restaurant Association fame, as City Councilman Kevin Faulconer’s new Chief of Staff.

Hansen, who earns a best actress for her role in the overwhelming defeat of Proposition D as well as best supporting actress for her parts in the David Alvarez and Lorie Zapf victories, will be replacing Faulconer’s outgoing Chief of Staff Aimee Faucett. Faucett is vacating the position to accept a position as Mayor Sanders’ Deputy Chief of Staff in the recent “City Hall shuffle.”

From what I hear many are hopeful that Hansen, alongside her role with Faulconer, might have enough influence to be able to wrangle Alvarez back to the moderate path everyone hoped he’d follow, away from the strong left turn he has taken so far, and jump-start the reformer in Zapf before the clutches of City Hall take root.

As with anything and everything for the next two years, this has serious implications for the 2012 mayoral race. With Faucett gone and his campaign starting up will Faulconer distance himself from the Mayor? Does Hansen add to Faulconer’s reformer credentials bringing him more on par with DeMaio? The questions go on and on but only time will yield answers.

Good luck Ms. Hansen.

Aimee LePore Faucett


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  1. Kevin F’s facebook note and link to press release…
    Please join me in congratulating Katie Hansen, my new chief of staff, and Tony Manolatos, my new deputy chief of staff:

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