Judge rules illegal aliens can collect workers compensation

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Straight out of kangaroo court, a D.C. Court of Appeals judge ruled that illegal alien, Palemon Gonzales, is eligible to receive about $11,000 in worker’s compensation benefits.

The employer at the time, David Karim claims he knew nothing about the employee’s legal status as he used his cousin, Armando Casarrubias’ green card to obtain a busboy job.

The illegal alien’s identity came to light after he was injured on the job by a flying beer bottle that sent him to the hospital.

The aptly named bar, Asylum, found out their employee was using falsified documents to work once the hospital began sending medical bills in his real name. The bar owner, Karim, testified at the workers’ compensation hearing saying Gonzales snookered him and presented false documents to acquire employment at his bar. Once management found out the illegal alien provided false documents they promptly fired him, but this action led to the courtroom where the workers’ compensation board gave Gonzales his benefits.

The D.C. Appeals Court said it is legal under the District’s workers compensation laws to provide benefits to any employee regardless to legal status. The court claimed it is “consistent with the principle that the (workers’ compensation act) is to be construed liberally to achieve its humanitarian purpose.”

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