The Year’s BEST posts on SD Rostra — A Series on the site named “Best Topic Based Blog” by the San Diego Press Club

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Time to look back at SD Rostra’s first year and salute those who won for us the SD Press Club award for “Best Topic-based Blog” in San Diego! This post looks at Rostra’s best from October to December 2009.

More, from 2010, follow this week. Please read them over and let us know which are your favorite articles.

Excelling in Oct. – Dec. 2009 were: Greg Larkin, Mr. Murphy, Criticus, Barry Jantz, Buck Turgidson, Gayle Falkenthal and the Mighty Thor. The top 15 Stories of that period are reprised here in chronological order...


(10-02-2009) … “Jim Duffy Scores Perfect with Labor Council” PDF of Sheriff candidate Jim Dufffy’s full questionnaire showing strong agreement with SD Labor Council stands. (Our own Greg Larkin broke this story.)

(10-09-2009) …“Moonbeam Shining Bright in Governor’s Race” Gayle Falkenthal predicts Jerry Brown’ s win 13 months in advance of the November 2010 elections. …Stick around, Straight-Shooting Gayle has more predictions ahead.

(10-13-2009) …“Deputy Sheriffs Assn. endorses Steve Danon” for County Supervisor… in 2012! The news here was an endorsement 3 years before the election, and a big boost for Danon’s candidacy. Barry Jantz had the scoop.

(10-17-2009)… 67% of Marti Emerald’s Dist. 7 Advisory Council are her own campaign donors. Mr. Murphy did the duty on this exclusive.

(10/23/2009)… “Poway city manager sent memo to Betty Rexford” in 2006 warning of conflicts and interference. Rostra gets a copy of the memo and publishes it for the first time in the article. Betty-backers complain about Barry Jantz writing the story. and

(10-30-2009)… Councilman Dave Allan files against Supervisor Dianne Jacob for 2012. Three days later the La Mesa lawmaker changes his mind and withdraws his bid. Never mind……. Jim Sills wrote this one.

(11-02-2009) “Rexford switches registration from GOP to Decline to State” Rexford had been GOP registrant since 1993. Barry Jantz explains this allows her to avoid an invitation to Republican central committee meeting.

(11-15-2009)… “Who Outed the ACORN Guy in East County?” Rostra questions unsubstantiated charges against Santee couple wrongly charged with audio taping ACORN rep at an activist meeting. Greg Larkin was our author.

(11-16-2009)…“Juan Vargas will challenge Mary Salas in SD 40 – and there will be blood” Little did we know How Much! This would become the story that would not die… written by Jim Sills

(11-25-2009) … “Hiding the Funding in Oceanside Recall election” Photo & eyewitness story about signs, urging recall of Councilman Jerry Kern, which bear NO disclaimer. Why is a ‘citizens group’ concealing this required data? Mr. Kern survived the Recall vote.

(12-05-2009)…”All $250K to qualify Supe term limits solely from two SEIU units“… In 2008, the State SEIU also tried to ease term limits for the state legislature! … [Jim Sills]…

(12-03-2009)…Lorena Gonzalez wanted Demo consultant on ‘we do not patronize’ list — for aiding DeMaio — backed fair contracting initiative. Bob Glaser the target of her ire for hiring out to gather the signatures. Story by Criticus and Buck Turgidson. and

(12-11-2009)… “Big Shakeup in Assessor’s Race. Ernie Dronenburg files papers.” He is seen as the “immediate favorite to win back Key Post.” That prediction from Jim Sills came 11 months prior to the Dronenburg victory.

(12-14-09)…“Rep Party of SD endorses Zapf, Horn, Roberts, McAllister, Dumanis” ...And all go on to win their respective election races in 2010. Thor’s Assistant had the story.

(12-31-2009)… A full year before the body scanning / airport crisis, Gayle Falkenthal had the right answer: El Al airlines-style-security with double doors on cockpits, x-rays of all luggage, air marshalls on all international flights, etc. We should have listened to Gayle (as usual)!

Jim Sills is a San Diego political consultant. If you have questions about your future in San Diego and California elections, you can contact Jim Sills at his e-mail address:

He has aided campaigns of Rep. Darrell Issa, Assemblywoman Shirley Horton, Senators Joel Anderson and Tony Strickland, Rep.Devin Nunes, and Assessor/Recorder Greg Smith, among others.


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  1. Some damn good work here, contributed by an impressive array of writers. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a full-fledged Rostrafarian posse to keep tabs on San Diego politics!

  2. Thanks, Jim!!! I laugh now thinking about the fact that the Rexford stuff was coming my way while I was in Ft. Lauderdale. Glad I took my laptop!!!

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